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Monday, September 27, 2010

Southern California is hot!

We're trying to beat the heat with our mobile lifestyle, but it sure caught us in southern CA! It was a beautiful drive down I-5, but wow did it get hot! 113F to be exact, of course the hottest temperature in recorded history in LA. And we were here for it, awesome. Notice the temperature on the rear view mirror! We almost miss our stalker storm that followed us for months. At least severe thunderstorms would cool it down!


Stephanie said...

Did you do the 5 all the way? If so how did the truck like the Grapevine in that heat? (Its the series of crazy mountain pass before ending in Valencia - when going south? How long are you in So Cal? I reccomend Santa Monica & then splurging to stay @ the Malibu Beach RV Park, millon dollar view!!

The Lundys said...

It didn't love it, but it did fine! We're heading out very soon (coming your way-ish). To Salt Lake through the Grand Canyon and some of the Utah parks.