Free book! Blue Moon Bay by Lisa Wingate

**Nook is now $7.99 (Sunday) and Kindle is now $6.59.

I just got this awesome tip about a FREE book in my email from one of my favorite authors, Lisa Wingate.  ❤  I was so excited I actually leaned in to block my monitor so no one else would see it!  (Yes, I felt silly when I realized there was no one here.)  But then I read please share this with your friends!  So,  my friends, I'm sharing this with you...
Blue Moon Bay is FREE on Kindle or Nook on SATURDAY May 5th only!

I know! And you're welcome.  Why she'd want to give away her work I don't know, but shhh, let's not say anything people. Who are we to question the creative mind of a writer?  Just go get your book on Saturday!  (If it's not free, check your calendar.)  Today's only Thursday. Yes, I had to look.


Blue Moon Bay
FREE on Kindle and Nook 
Saturday May 5th!

** Download yours this SATURDAY, May 5th. Word is that the free book giveaway begins and ends at midnight PST and is only for 24 hours. For that time, the price on and will be $0.00. No coupon code required. Anyone can download. **
If you miss the FREE day, all is not lost! The ebook will be selling at a special discount price for a limited time afterward.

Yes, if you receive her newsletter, you got this tip too. But hush up, I just want to feel special for a little while.  If you read Blue Moon Bay, let me know what you think!

Thursday, May 3, 2012
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  1. That is a GREAT book!!

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