My sleeptalkers

I don't think I've shared my other blog here yet. is where I tell the world about the strange things my family does to keep me awake at night.  They act annoyed that I share, but I think they secretly enjoy it, especially since they usually don't remember any of it.

Allen is a sleeptalker.  He talks crazy and acts like I'm crazy for not understanding him.
Lizzy is a sleepwalker.  She looks and sounds awake, and is walking around, so it's pretty freaky.
Josh is a sleepyeller.  The boy will only yell, loudly.  At a sibling, a neighbor, a fellow soldier in some war. 
Fortunately, Matt can sleep through anything, so his participation is rare.

It's crazy, and often, and in an RV, quite interesting.  As my tagline says...
I live with a sleeptalker, a sleepwalker, & a sleepyeller. This is why I don't sleep...

Saturday, August 25, 2012
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