Wifi for RVers

We're commonly asked about mobile internet, which is vital to us nomads working from the road of course.  Thanks to a recent post on Technomadia.com, we switched our wifi service. We were happy with our Millenicom unlimited plan (Sprint) but really wanted a bit faster service. (It was always good and reliable but not always fast.)  So we switched to the Millenicom 20gb plan (Verizon) and are very happy with our 4G speed.  (We've never gone over 20gb anyway.)  We really like Millenicom's service and support, so we're glad to continue with them.
And it's been great for our work sessions with fellow RVing families!  (So is our new-to-us table!)

We just wanted to share as we're often asked about internet service for RVers.

Thursday, November 29, 2012
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  1. I have been having so many problems with my virgin mobile lately. I have been having to ride up and sit outside of the front office at the RV park to get internet. I was looking for something else. Thank you for the good info.

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