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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Friends in Idaho

We were so lucky to get to park in my friend Lindsay Crapo's driveway for a few days in Idaho.  She's a fellow adoptive mama that I met at our retreat in Orlando.  I was excited to see her again, and to see more of Idaho, but little did we know how much they would spoil us!  They took us to Shoshone Falls and Dirkies Lake, both amazing.  It's such a pretty area.  They fed us yummy meals, with many things right out of their garden.  They have a beautiful view from their back yard, with a trampoline (the only thing our kids have ever missed!) and lots of kids to play with, and neighbors with horses, and a jam session, etc.  It was a really fun few days! 
Isn't the view great?
Her house was beautiful too.  I'd seen pictures on Facebook, but loved seeing it all.  It just oozes happiness! 
Lizzy made a good friend and they made everyone personalized cupcakes!
Late night jam session
I've seen so many pics of her son, who falls asleep in crazy places, so it was fun to see it for myself.  He was too tired to make it all the way to bed.  :) 
Lindsay's beautiful, inside and out! 
The sunken trampoline was a big hit. 
Even Jack had friends to play with! 
Allen decided not to kayak the Snake River, and then he saw it. I think we'll be back to do it!