Saturday, April 5, 2014


So we have chickens now.  Right, just after we decided to not get any animals this year *just* to be sure we want to stick around this RVstead. :)  Allen couldn't wait.  Allen can never wait. Ever.  So we have chickens.  Twenty of them. Yeah, twenty.  Ten are some kind for laying eggs and ten are called Stir Fry, because stir fry. :)  They are completely adorable little fluffy peeps and we love them! 
Especially Matt. 
Taking them to their new home. 
Which Allen made from our well pump cover/log cabin. 
He is pretty much awesome.
And they love it.  
We were worried about Jack eating them but our dog, in true Jack form, who took on coyotes with only a torn ear to show for it, who has eaten many chickens, many times, that dog... is afraid of little baby chicks. :) 
We're working on names now. (Don't worry, the kids won't get too attached and not want to eat them, they're Lundys.) Ideas collected so far: Chick Norris, Chick Berry, Chicken Little, Tina Turner, Einstein, Stir Fry, Johnny Pay-chick; Chick-Kira; Charles Chickens, Chickie Cheese, Peckles, Feather Locklear, Nugget, Kiev, ala King, Sweet, Sour, Fried, Noodle, Chic-fil-A, Oprah Henfrey, Darrel Hennah, Cluck Gable, Stevie Chicks, Hen-nebal Lecter, Hen Affleck, Hennifer Garner, Chubby Chicker...

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Gardening is fun. Gardening in rock is a little less fun and a lot more work!  We're on a mountain, made of rock.  I should have thought of that earlier.  :)  But these men can handle it! 
 This is just one of the many wagon loads of rocks that were carted off.  :/ 
Raised beds with 5 kinds of lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, onions, peas, and cucumber.  Who knows if any will grow, but what a great workout! :) 

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Four years of RVing have brought wonderful adventures for the Lundys and now we're going to add even  more by RVsteading!  Yep, homesteading, in an RV. :) 
Wikipedia says homesteading is "a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is characterized by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of foodstuffs..."
In our self-contained RV, we are pretty self-sufficient as far as providing our own power and water and we have everything we need to cook, clean, work, sleep, entertain, etc.  And then we found Lundy Mountain and have been living off the land as much as hunting and fishing allow.  (We've only spent $14 in 7 months on meat and that's just because I missed chicken!)  But lately we've really been thinking about gardening, fruit trees, fresh milk & eggs, and really providing all of our needs.  And visiting our neighbors' homestead with lots of animals may have sent us over the edge!
We love this piece of the mountain and already have the home, so we just need the stead. We love the RV life still, so we'll just be RVsteading!  We won't even have to give up traveling, because we know many families who would love to take care of animals for a week or three in exchange for a full hookup site. :)  Roadschooling families would love that opportunity and we would love that freedom.  
We'd sure love to have fresh eggs. (Our neighbors have been so kind!)
We have some great neighbors on the next mountain, so the kids will still have friends. 
They can get into mischief of course. 
Of course. 
 Or they can play together nicely.
Or not. 
Why can our kids not just jump on a trampoline?? 
We can enjoy this view even longer. 
And my reading tree is now free of deer feeders, so I can read. 
With the great view. 
And of course life in the mountains will always be interesting. Today's lesson was "always check your shoes".  And that was brought to you by them forgetting yesterday's lesson of "don't leave your shoes outside."  :/  
I'm still one of the Chicks Without Bricks (so don't miss our book!) but I have a feeling I'll have even more stories to share soon...  :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back on Lundy Mountain

We're back on Lundy Mountain in Arkansas and we're enjoying some isolation after four months of tightly packed RV parks in (beautifully sunny) Florida. We will miss the grands and our many friends, but are loving our freedom to roam about again. 
The boys got out their Christmas gifts about five minutes after we set up. 
The mountain was just as we left it, minus many leaves, and it's great to be back. Jack's enjoying being off leash again and so are the rest of us!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Introducing RVillage!

A fun new website for RVers launched today for public beta testing:  We've been using it for a while and really like it!  It's a great way to connect with other RVers and find out who's nearby.  And it's certainly better than Facebook with all the distractions there.  Look for the Fulltime Families group there too!  We like to learn and share on the FtF group, but will be a great place to connect and plan events.  (And I really, really love the play on words - R Village!) 
Technomadia shared about it and called it a "nomadic proximity detector". There are many great points, but we'll just invite you to check it out and hope to connect with you there! 
Before you go, check out the intro video...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fish are boring (but tasty when deep fried)

What have we been up to?  The same ol' same ol' stuff. The kids are hanging out with their friends (aka our nomadic community), I'm holding down the fort (aka working, reading, and more reading), and Allen is fishing, planning more fishing, or dreaming about fishing.  I just get so tired of fish pictures.  Seriously, why can't they be all different colors like ocean fish?  Bass are boring.  But tasty! 
And Jack does this pretty much all day every day. 
These are just a FEW of the way too many fish photos. 
Fortunately all that fishing means free dinners like this...
And apparently we need many poles, so more storage for poles.

Friday, February 21, 2014

RVer Health Insurance

What do RVers do for health insurance on the road? There are too many options to list. From employer-provided to self-employed insurance to health care cost sharing to going without, RVers choose from a wide variety.  It's certainly a consideration in choosing a domicile state.  Will we be covered as we travel?  Is Affordable Care actually affordable?  How much coverage do we really need?
How did we decide?  We found someone who knows all about insurance and asked him!  Kyle Henson is both a fulltime RVer and an experienced insurance agent, so we were very happy to see the development of
He shares things to consider, gives recommendations, and shares info on specific states.  You can request a quote for more info too.  What works for us may not work for you, so we highly recommend you talk to Kyle at  We always recommend asking him, so I'm happy he has an affiliate program now.  Use our affiliate links above or tell him we sent you.  Hope you find a great option!  

Monday, February 17, 2014

Josh is 14

Our Josh is now 14! And we celebrated by meeting the grands at a very fancy... rest stop. :) 
We were driving through Florida and the grands met us for dinner (and to bring us mail and presents!) at a rest area along Route 4. :)  He once again wasted his choice of cake by choosing lemon!  Besides that though, it was another good birthday and it was great to catch up with Grandma and Grandpa!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tuck in the Woods

In South Carolina, we looked for a convenient campground to be close to the Marine base and the beach for the wedding, and found Tuck in the Wood Campground. It was really pretty and certainly tucked into the woods, but still close to everything. 
Close to the campground, we found a chapel from 1740. 

Mekenna and Travis get married

We were so lucky to get to watch Mekenna and Travis get married on beautiful Hunting Beach in South Carolina. 
That week was so cold, with the entire state under a civil emergency because of snow and ice.  And Saturday's forecast included 40°F, a gale warning, wind advisory, small craft advisory, and of course the whole state of emergency thing. But we woke up to a gorgeous day! It was windy enough to bring some laughter. Chilly, but not too cold. And just amazing for this awesome couple!  Mekenna was beautiful, as always (and somehow moreso), and Travis was so handsome in his uniform.  Matt played the ukulele for some fitting background music, and a little Elvis as she walked down the "aisle".  Paul did a wonderful job on the ceremony and it was just perfect with their family and friends gathered close together on the sand. ❤
Here are a few of my favorite pics.  I can't wait to see pics from the real photographer. :) 
Mr. and Mrs. Souder are so fun.
More pics of the wedding: