Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grocery University sale!

This Grocery University course is going on sale today!  It's a downloadable audio course with a workbook and price database too. All the info I've been working on gathering independently... done. :)
It comes from MoneySavingMom.com so I'm excited about it and know it will include great info.  A money-back guarantee helps too!  Click if you'd like to know more

This is an affiliate link because I like to share great finds and I also like to get a few cents if you'll be clicking anyway. Thanks! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Best Matt story, so far!

Here is a sneak peek of some chapter of my future book of our shenanigans. The best Matt story ever told. Though I doubt it will hold that honor for very long...
Allen and Matt went out squirrel hunting today. Allen dropped Matt off in one spot and went to another. He told Matt to be ready when he heard the ATV coming back. Since this is Lundy Mountain, they were obviously not going to run into anyone else. So Matt headed into the woods and pulled out his stool and gun to watch and wait. After a while he noticed a chigger on his arm, then another, then a few more. He looked down and realized his pants were covered! He pulled up his pants legs to find more. He lifted his shirt and they were all over him. Chiggers everywhere! So he ran like crazy back to the road, shedding his clothes as he went. Fortunately, right then he heard the ATV, so he knew help was coming.
Imagine his surprise as he stood there, in his undies, as an older couple on ATVs drove by, laughing. Imagine their surprise, as they were driving down a road where they were obviously not going to run into anyone else, as they passed a cute young blond haired boy, with a gun, waving politely at them, in his underwear! They could be at the police station right now filing a report about a wild child who lives in the mountains alone, surviving on squirrels! Hopefully, as it usually is here in these mountains, they’re somewhere assuming the best, telling a crazy tale of a half-naked boy in the woods!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Our mountaintop classroom

For the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop, people are sharing their homeschool classrooms, so I thought we'd join in.  But how do I share it?!  Our RVstead is our classroom.  The whole country was our classroom when we were roadschooling!  So right now as we're RVsteading, it's the farm.  Since we (parents included!) are unschooling, life learning, farming, homesteading, actually RVsteading students, we're all learning the hard way how to live off the land here on the top of Lundy Mountain in Arkansas.  So our learning doesn't really happen in a class room (which is convenient since we live in an RV!), it's more like on a mountain top. 
We all helped build the barn and animal pens.
Learning how to raise baby goats has been adorably fun.
There are now animals everywhere! 
Putting in a garden in rock was quite challenging. 
Enjoying the fruits (and veggies) of our labor is pretty nice though. 
We're preparing a greenhouse for later on. 
Allen and the boys love providing fish from the lake for the family. 
We're learning how best to prepare our fresh chickens. This was Fred the rooster. :)
Some of us the chicken and rabbit eating dog! had to learn which animals we're not allowed to eat! 
It's so fun to watch the kids and animals enjoying the land. 
The cat still needs to learn that she's not a chicken. 
We've learned much about the birthing process. What an education, shew.
Washing clothes has been a really not fun chore, but now we have a washing machine to make it easier. We still use the free sun for drying.
It's really a beautiful classroom. 
 We sure enjoy it and are learning a LOT in our mountaintop classroom! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Random farmness

The newest chicks are doing well.  A bunch escaped once and Lizzy came running inside saying there were chicks everywhere!  I should have followed Matt and Lizzy outside to watch, because Matt pulled a good one.  He went inside the brooder to fill in the hole they'd dug and Lizzy was handing the chicks in to him.  As she turned around, he'd let another one out.  She couldn't believe how many were getting out!  :) 
Chick Norris is always demanding getting attention and today he got Matt's water.  Matt tried to keep him out, but gave up. 
Allen and the boys have been running to the lake to fish and run catfish lines.  Whitewater kayaks sure are convenient for the 4-wheeler. 
I fed the chickens some homemade yogurt, and the cat who thinks she's a chicken of course.
 The goats almost have the newly fenced section of the woods cleared already!  We need more fence.
I guess Annie was really trying to get to the greener grass on the other side.  Goats are weird. 
Allen and Matt went off squirrel hunting.  This picture is exactly why we are here, in the middle of nowhere, and why we love it! 

Sleepy cat

More of our sleepy cat.  We found Walker Kitty asleep on the foot pad of the 4-wheeler. Later on we found her asleep under the lawn mower blade.  We've learned to check any vehicle before starting.
She fell asleep using a watermelon rind as a pillow.  No, I don't know why. Yes, I checked for breathing on this one.
But she slept right through a chicken stealing it out from under her. 
She took a nap for a few hours on these super comfy sharp rocks in a ditch.  
She's not asleep in this one, but the location was hilarious.  I didn't get a good pic because it happened so fast. She was attacking the green beans through the deer net, climbing up it, and generally being a rotten cat.  Then she fell down from the top and wrapped herself up in the netting about a foot off the ground.  It played like a cartoon and we had a good laugh before unrolling her.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Annie's pet chicken

So our goat has a pet chicken.  Is that weird?  It feels weird.  But every night, one of "the insignificants" ends up in the goat pen instead of the chicken coop.  The first time, we found it on Annie's back.
 She also uses it as a pillow.  And licks it.  Poor chicken. 
Sometimes the chicken brings a friend. 
Sometimes it's just a big slumber party. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Baby bunny update

Our little baby bunny is doing well! We did name it Marcus Luttrell, aka The Lone Survivor, since it was.
Updated 8/6: Eyes are open and he or she is hopping around like a pro! 
So cute. 
It's amazing how quickly they grow. 
He or she is super active and adorable and should open his or her eyes very soon.  Marcus looks like its mama, but we're hoping it's not a demon bunny too! 
It's getting fluffier!
Remember, it was so not cute at first!  (Of course neither are human babies, but everyone's afraid to say so.)  :) 

Strawberry patch

Since it was a million degrees outside, we decided to put in a strawberry patch. We're out of room in the garden (which is moving next year) and we wanted a spot just for them that was more permanent.  The railroad ties we got from a neighbor were a great fit.  We leveled and built, then filled with our plentiful free natural fertilizer (ew) and our rock-free (thanks to a LOT of rock removing) topsoil.  (Rock-free in this case just means more dirt than rock. There are a LOT of rocks in this ground!)
This chicken approved.  The very next day, the chickens ate our strawberries, so 1) we need to add netting over it and 2) we're eating more chicken this week! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lefty hunters

I heard Allen say, "I'm going to go outside and relax for a while."  Then I look out to see them target shooting.  I guess that's relaxing to my bow hunters.  It's interesting (and convenient) that Josh *is* left-handed and Allen just *shoots* left-handed.
 Also, we have brave (and stupid) chickens.  Of course no chickens were harmed today.