Sunday, November 16, 2014


So cold, but so pretty.  We got our first snow and I thought I'd share pics for the Grands, who probably don't remember what it looks like down there in Florida! (And right now, Florida sounds awfully nice!)
Snow + trampoline = happy
This is going to make the winter awesome! 
A little gray. :)
Yes, we're quite toasty and happy inside! 
The animals don't seem to notice. I need a thick fur goat coat! 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Birds, cats, windows

Allen has to watch these turkeys when he's hunting. Unfortunately, even though it's almost Thanksgiving, Arkansas turkey season isn't until Spring!
Since it's getting cold, we moved the outside rabbit cages inside. This thing weighs one million pounds, fyi. It takes all 5 of us to move it, and Jack attacks us the whole time. We've not figured that out yet, but he goes crazy when we move it, jumping all over it and us! 
It's about impossible to get a picture of this, but Mrs. Bunny is such a good mama that she lets her babies sit on her head to eat. They can mostly reach, but seem to prefer sitting on top of her. You can just see the black and white babies on top if you squint.
Walker Kitty's face is orange. No, we don't know why.
Many people use reflective foil-type insulation on windows, or bubble wrap if you want to be able to see a little out the windows and let some light in, but in my searching, I found this awesome window shrink film! It's like a strong saran wrap for your windows.  It creates a great cushion of insulation and is perfectly clear, letting all the sunlight in, and allowing me to take pictures from inside when it's cold. Because I'm not going out there! 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Josh's first deer of the season

Josh brought home his first deer of the season today. He literally brought it home on his ATV all by himself and was so proud. This was the second day of gun season.  This is the third deer from Allen's new tree stand that he got last week!  We have over 180 pounds of meat in the freezer so far. Another deer or two and we'll have our meat for the whole year, free!  Acorn-fed, free-range, hormone and antibiotic-free, organic goodness.
Jack and Luna are ready to start helping with the cleaning process. Ew.  Don't click if you're squeamish.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Random farmness

The first frost killed all the tomato plants (because I didn't quite plan properly), so I picked them all and thought we'd learn if we liked fried green tomatoes or not. We love them!  I'm going to freeze the rest for later too, so not *too* much of a loss. 
Random goat hugs.
We wanted to make the RVstead a little more inviting for potential visitors. Think this will be effective?
Walker Kitty decided sunbathing on a tree root would be comfortable. Not sure how she manages, but she was out for a long time.

More baby bunnies, the Toast 7

The day after we didn't get to sleep in because Allen got a deer (not that I'm bitter, much), Toast had EIGHT LIVE baby bunnies!  This is her first kindling and we were really surprised.  It's harder to name eight at once, so Allen decided on Eight Toast. (Get it? Ate toast. Yeah, lame!)  Sadly, we lost the little runt two days later, but now the Toast Seven are doing great!
She's a good mom and keeps them covered in lots of fur.
Just before she had them, we think Annie had jumped on their cage to get some hay and smashed it! Fortunately all three bunnies were fine.  In the picture, it looks like the chickens are accusing Lucy, but we saw Annie eying the hay earlier! 
In case you haven't seen baby bunnies squirming, they're so fun. :)
Video of the Toast 7:

4 baby bunnies!

Mrs. Bunny and Demon Bunny had their babies a day apart, and two each, Oct 17-18. They start out so ugly! (It's okay to say it.) :)  Since these are FINALLY Mrs. Bunny's first live babies, meet Fin & Ally.
And we weren't sure on Demon's babies yet.
They grow so fast! Two days old. 
Four days
2.5 weeks. Love those white toes!
Almost 3 weeks. 
We named the gray one Fezzik because it's HUGE compared to the others! We can't keep it still for a picture though.  The other is Blackie for now, for lack of creativity.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A deer from the new stand

The day after he tried out his new tree stand, Allen got another deer.  He makes it look easy. I'd like to point out that he called at 7:30am, on the best sleep-in day of the year - daylight savings time ended. But I'm not bitter. Yes I am, but just a little! 
I went to pick him up and Jack led the way. Not much of a hunting dog, but he can certainly help with the finding afterward.
Jack also felt it was his job to keep the cats away from the deer while they were processing it.  
I guess this is why. Ew.  (Don't click if you're squeamish.)
So, Walker Kitty needed a bath. I'm pretty sure she wants to kill us in our sleep. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Our big day!

It's here again. Halloween, Allen's birthday, and Josh, Lizzy, and Matt's Adoption Days! 
Even though it was freezing, Allen requested this awesome ice cream cake.
Allen was very happy to find a tree stand he's had his eye on!
The goats helped assemble it.
You walk the top and bottom parts right up the tree. [Flash forward: In the first week after this, Allen got 2 deer and Josh got 1!]
And Lizzy made us spooky cookies while we watched It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Can you believe that was from 1966?!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chick Norris

Chick Norris is something else. We can't keep him in the pen, no matter how far back we clip his wing. He half-jumps and half-flies and every time you turn around, there he is, out again. He's like the Chuck Norris of your nightmares!
We were discussing if we should just send him to freezer camp, because it's well beyond time. He's just so interesting.  And Walker Kitty just started chewing on his leg!  Apparently she needs no freezer camp, processing, cooking, she just wants a chicken leg, right now. 
Matt tried to get her away, but she was pretty hungry! 
Another time, I heard someone in the barn and Chick was digging around in the trash and flipped the basket over on himself.  He was not happy! 
Walker Kitty thought it was pretty funny though. 
So we clipped him yet again, and again.  (What is Walker Kitty doing?!)
He's safe, for now anyway.