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Friday, April 22, 2016

Terlingua Ghost Town & Mayor Goat

On the way from Big Bend back to our campground in Lajitas (which was really pretty!)
we checked out the Terlingua ghost town, which was spooky cool.
And we found this funny to see in the desert. 
And this was just hilarious. Clay Henry, a goat, is actually the elected mayor of Lajitas. I guess he's as good as most politicians! 

Hike along the Rio Grande

This spot on the US/Mexico border was gorgeous. Just huge cliffs for miles. Is it easy to cross the border here? Yep. Is it happening here? Nah. Just beyond the river and cliffs is a barren wasteland and it's a lot easier just down the road. :) But we enjoyed seeing this part of the US and Mexico too, from afar of course. :) This is a super pretty hike along the Rio Grande in Santa Elena Canyon. It was super hot too. We learned that April is a bit late for this far south, so go earlier in the year!
Panoramic pic, though it's hard to get the right perspective. The US is on the right and bottom, and Mexico is beyond the river. 

Big Bend National Park, part 1

The drive to Big Bend National Park was beautiful, but then inside of course it just got better!
Lizzy pointing out the Rio Grande. 
 Mule Ears. :) 
Of course Allen and the kids spotted a canyon before we even got to our first hike, so this became our first hike. It was gorgeous and it was just a little canyon off the road, not a main trail.  
I hadn't used my camera backpack for a long time, so it was funny to see how big it was. After losing 40 pounds, I really had to tighten the belt! 
Our hike along the Rio Grande is next!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Southwest Texas

We finally left the cities of Texas (hallelujah!), headed toward Big Bend National Park. The hill country is SO pretty with so many colors of wildflowers. 
As we got farther south, it looked less and less like the Texas we knew.. 
The view from our office in Lajitas TX, near the Mexican border. This town's mayor is a goat, so it has to be interesting! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Magnolia Market and cousins

We didn't get up to Dallas to see my cousin, so I was very grateful to Joann for driving down to Waco to meet us! And what a cool place to meet, at Magnolia Market from Fixer Upper!
It's been 30+ years since I've seen Joann. (Obviously we were babies!) :p It was great to catch up with a cousin I remember looking up to as a super cool teenager!
Magnolia Market was beautiful of course. We don't watch TV or have a house, so I just browsed as an outsider. :)  Loved the decorating ideas though and the fascinating store, building, and furniture.
The outside had a great green area for kids to play, with games and a playground. Food trucks and picnic tables too. They do a good job of making it a destination, not just a store.