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Soccer game

we had so many this summer! just some fun pics from yet another... (cause you know you want to see them). :)


i love this picture of matt! very typical little boy picture... bandaid, bruises, wet, grass everywhere, and an adorable smile. i don't get many good pics of him, not any that show his personality. they always have his fake cheesy smile, some kind of grimmace, or a mad look! so this is a keeper! :)

Our soccer kids

here are the official soccer pics! not sure why i need these with the hundreds i take at each game, but ya know...

I am a true soccer mom

this picture cracked me up! it was raining slightly, so i stayed in the van (to protect my new camera of course!). my son on the right, daughter on the left, and me sitting in the van, so sad! i had to miss a game (i was at the laptop crop in vegas!) and said how will the kids play without me on the sidelines taking pictures???

Go Buckeyes!

we went to the Ohio State/Northwestern game last weekend and had a blast! blowout game of course, but the atmosphere's so fun to soak in. and i had fun experimenting with my camera. we had great seats and saw a LOT of touchdowns. :) it was fun to hang out with my little brother and some of the old piketon crew. our former texas resident even got into the festivities and offered the poor visiting team a hankie to wipe their tears!! i took a self-portrait in allen's sunglasses. loved the band of course, the pride of the buckeyes! the 1942 state champion buckeyes team was there at halftime and that was very cool. just a great day. it's fun to walk around columbus knowing at any minute someone will yell O H and everyone else will yell I O! :)

Pictures from Las Vegas!

I finally added some of my photos from Las Vegas. Here is a peek of the booth we did with Adobe and Epson. As it was for the much of the show, all three staffers were all busy with visitors! And these are just city scenes. Well of Paris, New York, Venice... Vegas is an interesting town! Here are some zoo photos too. Who knew there was a secret garden of Seigfried & Roy there? Oops! Now you do!

Las Vegas Laptop Crop!

this vegas crop was so fun! every crop is so fun! :) we had some crazy grannies there, some live and some in flat paper formats and all had a blast. some of them got pretty wild in vegas too! lots of old and new friends came. i'll have more to share about the vegas trip, but i had to tell you how fun these digital scrapbookers are in real life! we had some great prizes, surprise visitors, new product sneak peaks, live chat with everyone back at DSP, and a LOT of chocolate. good times! :)

I'm in love!!!

with my new camera that is! a nikon d40 that can do way more than i'll ever learn, but most importanly, it lets me just point and shoot! cause i'll be honest, that's all i'll ever do! and that's okay! i'll bore you with some of my favorite pictures...

New kayaking video of Allen!

Blogger added a video upload, so I'm just testing it out! Video clips of Allen and the OAC on the Lower Keeney Rapids on the New River. I had to cut them down so Blogger would like me better. This is Verne. Joe then Allen (yellow boat), and a little of Brian. Then Brian, Michelle (I missed most of theirs), and Sheila (great roll!) Then Michelle W.

9/2-3 More hiking and hiking and hiking...

we did a little hiking on sunday, a tad more than we planned. we went maybe 10-12 miles instead of the planned 6! and the kids were troopers knowing ice cream awaited non-whiners!

9/1 Hike

for the labor day weekend, we headed off to the new river in west virginia for allen to do some kayaking. some of the ladies and kids (and dogs) enjoyed hiking and a little coal mine history on saturday. the kids and i also enjoyed a little swim under the new river gorge bridge (the longest arch bridge in the western hemisphere).