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Two NEW Lundys!

We're adopting! A boy and a girl! Lizzie and Matt so remind me of my brother and me! 3 years apart, brown hair/blond hair. Matt’s clumsy like Ryan was, keeps spilling things. They needed a home, love, and a place for their cat. We have a home, lots of love, and unfortunately, a dog! But good news, Syd’s not eating the cat! She’s treating her like she does human babies. She’s obviously not allowed to play with them, so she’s not very interested in them. So far so good! Tonight was tough. Matt cried and said he didn’t want to be in foster care. Josh cried cause Matt didn’t want him to sleep with him. Lizzie kept getting up to see who was where. And they all had to pee every 4 minutes! So what used to take Josh 5 minutes took over an hour. Hopefully that’ll get better though. I can’t imagine how either of them feels though, Matt thinks he’s going home tomorrow. Lizzie thinks they’re going to live with their grandpa soon. And here we are trying not t