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Two NEW Lundys!

We're adopting! A boy and a girl! Lizzie and Matt so remind me of my brother and me! 3 years apart, brown hair/blond hair. Matt’s clumsy like Ryan was, keeps spilling things. They needed a home, love, and a place for their cat. We have a home, lots of love, and unfortunately, a dog!
But good news, Syd’s not eating the cat! She’s treating her like she does human babies. She’s obviously not allowed to play with them, so she’s not very interested in them. So far so good!

Tonight was tough. Matt cried and said he didn’t want to be in foster care. Josh cried cause Matt didn’t want him to sleep with him. Lizzie kept getting up to see who was where. And they all had to pee every 4 minutes! So what used to take Josh 5 minutes took over an hour. Hopefully that’ll get better though. I can’t imagine how either of them feels though, Matt thinks he’s going home tomorrow. Lizzie thinks they’re going to live with their grandpa soon. And here we are trying not to freak them out. It’s much different than a 20 month old! But we’ll work through it.Lizzie’s crazy smart and very talkative. She and Josh will probably cure cancer or at least keep each other in constant conversation mode. Matt’s so curious and loves to climb, open things, push buttons, do pretty much whatever he shouldn’t. He’s going to enjoy testing us, til he finds out we actually mean what we say. He’s got a stubborn side, but then a really sweet one too. Hopefully we can be firm and consistent and they’ll learn about rules while still enjoying the Lundyness which is us.
Right now they’re in toy overload and country living overload and are loving all the things they have to do. Matt loves Spiderman (shew) so he loves Josh and his room. Lizzie loves hers and has quite a few girlie toys to pink up the room some more. They love to ride bikes in the garage and we even took off Lizzie’s training wheels. She said a few times that she does want to live here afterall, so I don’t know if she said she didn’t want to come, or just internalized those thoughts, but she seems to be okay with it now since we have a tire swing and all.

One month later...
Announcing our two new additions to the family! Yep, we’re adopting again, but this time from a little closer than Ukraine. We’re working with Children’s Services and quickly found two children (siblings) who needed a home. Matt and Lizzie have been here for a month and we can’t imagine life without them. Lizzie and Josh are both 6, and we’re sure that will be interesting when they’re older, two driver’s licenses, two proms, two in college, yikes! Matt is 3 and will be 4 soon. The three get along wonderfully, then fight like siblings do, but they so enjoy each other. Matt is rotten on the outside and sweet on the inside. You won’t believe this, but he actually talks more than Josh! Lizzie loves all things pink and girly, but can also swing a mean bat! She’s on Josh’s baseball team and is quite the athlete. She’s also a good singer, so the Lundys finally have someone who can carry a tune!
We’ve stayed home, had lots of fun, kept to ourselves, and just bonded as a family. But soon we’ll be ready for visiting and traveling and hope to see many of you! We would really appreciate your prayers as we continue to get to know each other and get used to being a family of 5!