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RV sign

We've been wanting a sign for the front of the RV for oh, over three years now.  It's just hard for us to buy any wood products, since Allen sold all of his woodworking tools to hit the road.  But alas, one of our campgrounds was right beside a flea market, and we finally just bought one.  And we love it!  Now we're like really real RVers. :)

Christmas Day

The kids woke up early, (but thankfully nothing like when they were younger!) and found their stockings and the whole tree moved to our room somehow. :)  Lizzy was pretty surprised to see a concert ticket to see Paramore.  Happy kids. :)  Even though they did get coal in their stockings.   Then back to the grands for more. Uncle Ryan fulfilled an item on their wishlist (money) in coin form! They love their Ohio State shirts!   Another fun Christmas with the whole family!

Christmas Eve

We had a Christmas Eve feast (and pretty much grazed all day) and presents at the grands! The kids each opened the gifts they bought each other. Matt loves his Cookie Monster hat.  Josh loves his Si DVD.  And poor Lizzy got a rock. :)  Josh thought that would be hilarious, and it was pretty good. She was speechless for a bit, until he showed her the iTunes card. :)  Then we headed home and they got to open their gift from mom and dad. Lizzy loved her Adventure Time and Regular Show stuff, mature young lady that she is.  Josh loved his hats and watch.  Matt loved his book (kinda surprised us), watch, and fishing pole.  Yep, now they won't be late!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family.  ❤  (Especially to the ones with a good sense of humor!) Thank you for reading about our antics all year long.  ❤  We wish you all a very merry Christmas and an amazing 2014! ❤

Deck the halls

We decked our (tiny) halls for Christmas.  We pulled out the tree, lighted garland, stockings, snowman Matt bought at our family reunion auction last year, and our only (and favorite, although I guess that's obvious) ornament.  Simple, and just enough to be festive! 

Chicks Without Bricks!

Introducing the new book, Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks !  It's here, and it's on sale now !  I had the privilege of writing a book with some amazing chicks and fellow travel bloggers and we can't wait to finally share it with you !  There are many definitely fun and hopefully inspiring stories from our travels here and around the world.  Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks Ebook Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks is a collection of travel stories written by today’s best travel bloggers. Heartwarming and humorous, these stories will inspire you to pursue your dreams! Featuring works from: Margie Lundy , Nancy Sathre-Vogel , Dana Ticknor , Lainie Liberty , Laurie Sontag , Sarah Parent , Kimberly Travaglino , Jenn Nims , Jennifer Miller , Mother/Daughter Sheri Smith & Hanna Smith , & Mary Beth Goff . Reviews: “These entertaining traveling stories will inspire and gently challenge you to live life in the moment, reconsider the value of family, a

I am a knitter

I am a knitter.  Not a very good one though.  But I really like it and it's a great way to pass the time on our long drives.  I knitted a hat, though not very successfully.  It *looks* like a hat, but doesn't fit, stretch, or feel like a hat. It kinda sits on your head, but not well.  At least it's round, mostly.  Matt thought it called for a mustache.   So I was given a tip to try sashay scarves because they're easy. And they are!  I've made a few since. Not sure what to do with a bunch of scarves, seeing that I don't wear them. But they're pretty and fun!  And cute on 11yo boys. :)


We happened to choose a campsite that was down a slight hill and there happened to be a family of skateboarders up that slight hill.  That made for some fun viewing, especially when Matt borrowed one of the skateboards! 


Allen's been restocking our freezer lately.  As we eat the deer, he adds more fish.  Pretty nice deal there!  Of course I think he really likes when the neighborhood kids gather around for a class.  They get a pretty good education around here.  :)


This is a common occurrence in our home. So I did what any good wife would do.  Take a picture and make a meme.  :p  And yes, our RV has a king size bed.  You don't still think we're roughing it, do you?!