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Movie night

We played a movie (is it bad that I don't know what movie?) on the RV for "a few" friends the kids invited. The few turned into too many for inside, so they went outside to the makeshift big screen. Homemade pizza & popcorn too.

Our yard

Not sure what they put in the canal, but it was super pretty the other day. I had to take a few pics. Here's our current view, before they cleaned out the canal though. Loving this weather being under 110°!

Knott's Berry Farm

We went to Knott's Berry Farm (free with our Cedar Fair passes!) and had a great day. The McCloskey's watched Jack, so we had the entire day to drive into LA and spend at the park. It was apparently America's first theme park and it was very well done. We planned to just watch all the shows and come back next week to ride rides, but we got the rides in too! We're used to having the RV in the parking lot and taking our time with breaks for meals and such, but we just squeezed it all in. The Western Stunt Show was so good and our favorite, until the All Wheels Extreme Show. It was bikers, skaters, gymnasts, and just extreme! Reignited Matt's BMX/X-Games future plans I think. Videos below too. The Pony Express was a unique ride, a roller coaster, on ponies! It was short, but fun, and very different. FYI, their Ghost Rider is even worse than Kings Island's Beast! I wouldn't have believed that to be possible before this day. The boys thought


The master bathroom is now purple! Yes, I'll be replacing the weird leaves with pics of our 3 kids, as soon as they hold still long enough to get good pics! Or maybe some clever sayings. It's over the potty though, so does it really matter? And I still hate trim.

Ortega Mountains hike

Allen and Sean (the other RVing dad here) took the kids on a hike in the Ortega Mountains. After a little climb (Allen can't stay on a trail), they found three bonus swimming holes and lots of frogs to play with. I'm not sure why Jack was attacking them though?! They had a great time and are sure loving having another RVing family around!

Bathroom painted

Another room down. This was a small one, but there was a LOT of trim. I hate trim. I really hate trim. Really, really hate it. Did I mention I hate trim?

Canyon Lake

We went back to Canyon Lake to beat the heat. We didn't end up beating it, but we overcame it while we were in the water anyway. Canyon Lake is one of the lakes made from the Salt River dams. It was another gorgeous drive. We also saw Tortilla Flat (a touristy community of 6!) and the boys took a hike. They had to climb another mountain. Lizzy and I opted to watch from the shade. More pics: Good day!


We experienced our first sand storm driving through southern AZ. We'd just learned about them at the Arizona Science Center and realized we'd never seen one, so bonus! It started to look like a typical rainstorm, but then we noticed it was coming UP from the ground instead. It wasn't bad at all and we found it quite fun. It just got very dark, almost foggy looking, and windy. I'm glad we were inside the truck though! It made for a gorgeous sunset that night too!

Arizona Science Center

The kids loved the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix (and we love free museums with our pass)! They had a special maze exhibit (also free with our pass) which was their favorite part. They clipped on to different colored ropes and had a blast racing through the tangled mess of ropes and bodies. They also had the best weather/storm experience we've found! As always, there were a LOT of hands-on learning activities and great exhibits to explore. They had a great time with this face-warping station. More pics in the slideshow. More pics: These science museums are so fun!

Canyon Lake drive

We drove to Canyon Lake just for the sights and sunset. More pics: We'll go back to swim soon!

Storms in AZ

The storms in AZ were never bad, but they were always pretty! Made for colorful sunsets too. Unfortunately, they didn't bring the temps down, but they were fun to watch.


Josh and Matt devised a clever trap for Lizzy when she entered their room. Fortunately the plastic ax wasn't very sharp or heavy. :) The following is a dramatization of actual events (because I wanted video!). Viewer discretion is advised. Boys. :)

Southern AZ

We took a drive outside Mesa AZ and didn't realize how much beauty was just a few minutes away from our barren desert! We'd stayed holed up inside in the AC because of the heat. We found out it was quite a gorgeous area up north! This prompted a hike for Allen the next day. He said it was gorgeous and sent this pic back. Poor Jack apparently had it out with a cactus. He touched one and a ball of needles started working its way into his belly. He yelped and ran and rolled, then tried to lick it off. Which means needles in the tongue! So he tried to scratch those off with his paws, yep, needles in the paws. Allen finally got it off with his knife, then took out hundreds of needles on the trail, then more at the truck, then the kids worked on him at home. Poor, dumb dog. Cacti: not your friends!