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Harry Potter by candlelight!

we're jumper cabling it again! our electricless evening was quite eventful. read harry potter by candle light *whoooo*. then dh and i wake up hearing the door open around 2 am. faithful sydney bolts downstairs to check it out and gives us the all clear. dh goes down to check it out anyway, armed with a flashlight. finds the door closed but not all the way. did he shut it when he came in last night? did someone come in and hear syd and leave? who cares i suppose, they're not here now. so a little excitement. and hard to get back to sleep in the heat. :( then ds wakes up to tummy cramps and has to go potty. so i stumble over his toys, shoulda cleaned those up during the daylight. but he can't go. for hours we do this. back to bed, i fall asleep, he yells, try again, nothing. once i woke up thinking i'd cast a spell on his bowels to loosen them up!!!!!! yep, too much harry potter i guess. then i find out dh got up with him once and it ALL

Jumper Cables Anyone?

my goodness today's been interesting. allen worked all day to upgrade our electric so we can get A/C installed, and can't quite get it finished. got shocked too, so that slowed him down a little. now we have to wait 7-10 days for the electric company to do their part so we can finish up. lovely. no electric? oh no, he's wired the boxes together outside with jumper cables! yes jumper cables are running our house at the moment. dangerous? stupid? probably. his response, we'll we'll just do it for a little while to get ready, take showers, then unhook them. geesh, can you say hicks?? oh, and we managed to squeeze in a trip to the ER for josh. shut his thumb in the car door on one of our many trips to the hardware store for a "my husband needs something that looks like this, but this part is bigger". he's fine now and loves his new cast. really just gauze, it's only cut. course it cut half his thumbnail off also. he screamed eve