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Random February

It was so nice to see Allen's brother, Rick, again! And to meet his wife, Cheryl. And fun to watch the Superbowl with them, although we *may* have really struggled with so much good food offered when we just started our plan to get healthy!! I got to catch up with Lorraine Fuller and it was really neat to see Moses Lake (aka Lake Whitney) from Lisa Wingate's The Shores of Moses Lake book series that I love!!  After checking Moses Lake off my bucket list, we headed back to Arkansas.  Lizzy lost 15 pounds on our health plan too, and decided to celebrate by getting a cute hair cut!  I flew down to Florida for my annual mom's retreat and went a few days early to spend some time with my parents. Watching them bowl was quite entertaining!  After an amazing, relaxing, refreshing, renewing, wonderful retreat, I headed back to Arkansas.  I finally finished knitting Matt's camo hat - and it fit!  And then it snowed on us. Time to leave Arkansas again!! 

Happy 16th Birthday to Josh!

Josh is now 16! He celebrated by going to Bass Pro with Dad, plus dinner and a movie. These kids are growing up too fast!

Parting ways

It was time to head back to Arkansas and part ways with the Johnsons. It was pretty sad, because we've really loved having them around! Not sure why Lizzy traveled in her jammies! :) 

Fort Worth Stockyards

Since we were near Fort Worth, of course we had to visit the stockyards to see the longhorns herded through the streets!

Happy Groundhog Day!

Today we learned that our neighbors, the Johnsons, were BIG fans of Groundhog Day. We came home to a fun surprise for all of us! There was a groundhog hiding in the dirt on our mat and groundhog masks for all.  The bearded groundhog is the best!!