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Random February

It was so nice to see Allen's brother, Rick, again! And to meet his wife, Cheryl. And fun to watch the Superbowl with them, although we *may* have really struggled with so much good food offered when we just started our plan to get healthy!!
I got to catch up with Lorraine Fuller and it was really neat to see Moses Lake (aka Lake Whitney) from Lisa Wingate's The Shores of Moses Lake book series that I love!! 
After checking Moses Lake off my bucket list, we headed back to Arkansas.  Lizzy lost 15 pounds on our health plan too, and decided to celebrate by getting a cute hair cut! 
I flew down to Florida for my annual mom's retreat and went a few days early to spend some time with my parents. Watching them bowl was quite entertaining! 
After an amazing, relaxing, refreshing, renewing, wonderful retreat, I headed back to Arkansas. 
I finally finished knitting Matt's camo hat - and it fit! 
And then it snowed on us. Time to leave Arkansas again!!