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Why: My House on Wheels video

A GREAT video from our traveling community by Kimberly Travaglino .  It's so fun to see all these happy faces and places.  You'll see some of our pictures and many of the friends we've made on the road.  I'm so glad that we all live on Memory Lane.  :)  If you ever wonder why we roam, this is why.  And what a great song!  Thanks so much for capturing all of our hearts in this Kimberly!  Why we love our house on wheels:

Electric guitar

Josh traded for an electric guitar and has been playing often.  Annoyingly often, but we're glad he's learning so much on his own.  Here are a few snippets for the grands... Sweet Child of Mine Cliffs of Dover Johnny B. Goode Star Spangled Banner (Hendrix Woodstock version)

Back to kayaking

The Yough was finally down enough for Matt to kayak again, so they all did the loop and we picked Matt up there.  He did swim Cucumber (Mattcumber) again.  It seems to be his thing.  Josh and Allen did the whole river and had another great day. This is how Jack waits for his daddy.  This is how I wait. Blurry pics of Frog's Back.    Then they styled for the camera for profile pics.   Allen styled a bit more than the others.  It's quite a hike back up at the loop takeout.  And randomly, Lizzy has pink hair now.

RV spice solution

Spice organization problem solved!  We bought this spice rack at and we love it.  Except the clock used to be there, so we keep glancing at it first.  It's two basils past a parsley.  :/  I had them tucked away in a basket and it's nice to see them all at a glance now.  I may get all clear bottles and label the lids though.  That would be so pretty.  It doesn't fit the big boys at the top well though, so I'll be replacing those.

Transfer tank

Allen installed a transfer tank in the bed of the truck.  It's a blue job so I'm fuzzy on the details, but I know there was bolting to the bed of the truck and some wiring up to the battery that Josh helped him with.  What I do know (because I just asked) is that it holds an extra 50 gallons of diesel, so we can now drive 900 miles without having to stop at a gas station. Now THAT is a convenient truck mod for a traveling family.  Um, but now there will be fewer opportunities to buy candy bars... 

Cool RV door opener

We saw this on the Marsee family's RV and thought it was brilliant!  It's a simple knot on the door handle with a rope that makes it easy to pull the door open for kids who can't reach, when your hands are full, etc. Video:


When the river's not too high, Allen takes Josh and Matt in the shredder.  As usual, Lizzy, Jack and I hiked down to Cucumber to take pics.  As the level was down a bit, we had a few more rocks to sit on.  They just about went over! Love Matt's face.  They were going backwards so I could get a good shot of Josh and Matt and didn't see this hit coming!  Love this setting.

iPhone battery

My iPhone battery completely died and instead of paying Apple $85 to replace it, I got a new (old) one.  I watched the video on how to replace it yourself and it looked way over my head.  Josh decided to try it and I said he could have mine if he fixed it.  He spent $8 and a lot of time learning about the insides of iPhones and now has a new (old) iPhone!  Not a bad day's work.   

Shredding, and a lesson

Allen and Josh had time for a little post-anniversary-lunch to shred, so why not?  Yes, I am *that* awesome of a wife.  Cucumber on the Yough.  See below for a funny pic... I just looked at these pictures and cracked up.  I didn't know this even happened.  Here's today's lesson in river safety. If you give your son rabbit ears instead of watching the water, you might be surprised by a big hit and almost fall out. (That would have been an even better pic, but unfortunately he recovered.) :)


For our 16th anniversary, Allen and I had lunch at Fallingwater , a house built over a waterfall by Frank Lloyd Wright, America’s most famous architect.  It was built in 1936-9 and is now a National Historic Landmark.  It's really impressive, go read about it here .  It's built to blend with the rocks and waterfalls and has a gazillion terraces and levels.  And this is the guest house with views of the many terraces.  It's above the house with a hallway/bridge between them.