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The Travs

The Travaglino family came to visit for a few days after the Grahams pulled out. They rested up after a busy rally and learned how slow time moves on the mountain! We took a ferry ride and enjoyed the sunset.  The ferry's fun because you can stand outside enjoying the view or chatting with other riders, or you can stay inside and be silly.  It was so nice to hang out with our friends again, and to add yet another state we've camped in together! 

Happy Deer Season Eve!

I don't know how you all (no, I can't adopt Arkansas slang still) celebrate the eve of the first day of deer hunting season, but we like to make things up and enjoy them! We had visitors for the first time during this holiday, so they joined the festivities. We made signs, lots of food, and cupcakes! (Because cupcakes.) Now Allen and the boys have a mere two months to bring home this year's meat. Happy Deer Season Eve Everyone!

Random days

Walker Kitty basking in, well, I can't tell you what, but she super loves chicken processing days.  Look at her happy, content face. Ew. Baby Goat, Lucy, and Lily all went back to their farm. It was fun to have them for the summer. The RVstead sure is a lot quieter without them -and more boring! The Graham family came to visit Lundy Mountain and we had some fun days together! We sprouted a kitten in the greenhouse.  More obligatory pictures of sleeping cats - because we literally have nothing else to do around here!

Not Back to School Roadschool Rally

There sure are a lot of RVing families out there. Thanks to Fulltime Families , we enjoyed a weekend with over FORTY of them at a rally in Branson, MO at the Not Back to School Roadschool Rally . It was fun to say hi to old friends and meet some new ones. The 80's Prom was especially fun! And bright, very bright. :) I didn't take many photos because I was busy meeting about 20 new RVing families and catching up with 20 families we've already met on the road!   Each day was full of cool activities and of course the 80's prom on Saturday night was super fun!  Pic by Jason Liske. Lizzy's hair was really fun to do. :)  Family pic by Doug Setzer. Lizzy and Lauren. 

80's prom shopping

When we found out there would be an 80's Prom at the Not Back to School Roadschool Rally , we had some fun shopping to do! It was fun, and a bit embarrassing, to take that trip down memory lane. :)  These are a few of the rejected dresses. 

Animals lounging, humans working

The animals are enjoying the peaceful field, goats and deer alike.  And the cats enjoy the keyboard when it's not being played. :)  They're so weirdly similar.  While everyone else is lounging around, the humans had lots of work to do. Beans don't snap themselves. :)