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women of faith in columbus ohio!

we had a blast at women of faith in columbus this weekend! the good friends and good food alone was great, but there was also an amazing lineup for us at nationwide arena: lisa welchel (yes, blair from the facts of life, and a scrapbooker too!), steven curtis chapman (who won the dove award for artist & songwriter of the year just the night before!), mandisa (who rocked the house and has such a great story involving simon!), sandi patty (eat your heart out mom!), marilyn meberg (who i so want to be my grandma!), luci swindoll (who amie leaned over and said i would be like when i grow up because she doesn't care about what people think either - i can only hope to be half as cool as luci!), patsy clairmont (so funny and just a riot!), sheila walsh (700 club, heart to heart, and a great accent!), allison allen (a very talented actress), and steve arterburn (the founder of WOF!). amazing i tell you! a very fun part of the weekend for me was following the speakers on tw

camping and kayaking weekend at rocky fork

we had a ball camping this weekend at rocky fork state park. allen kayaked with a ton of kayakers at spring fling and the kids and i hung out at the campground. saturday was gorgeous and the kids played with the millers' kids and i (for once in my life) did absolutely nothing! and enjoyed it thoroughly. the kids did a little fishing, biking, kayaking, and a lot of playing in the woods. that night we had a great dinner with all of the oac and even team pyranha. sunday it rained most of the day, but we had fun in the camper watching movies and enjoying indoor s'mores. allen kayaked rocky fork again and didn't get the rain we did. so despite a little rain, it was a pretty great first camping trip of the season for us.

kayaking and camping at rocky fork

they're off! 11 kayakers from extreme grace (including allen) took off for rocky fork for a calm, scenic float before hitting the craziness of the chutes. and another 11 campers (including the kids and me) stayed behind to enjoy this beautiful day at rocky fork state park. and yes, i'm posting this from a laptop with internet in a camper while eating a snack from the fridge. just call it extreme camping! we'll certainly hear many great stories when the boaters return, and we'll share how the trip went. let's hope they have fun and all stay upright and dry, although the stories are so much better if they don't!

Forgotten Photo Friday

my forgotten photo for today, yeah high school graduation. (i skipped my college one. figured after "squeezing" a 4 year degree into 5 years, i couldn't stand one more day!) of course since i stopped at 28, i guess this was just 10 years ago this, and every, year. :) notice i had authority issues even back then. i was forced to wear a dress (which you can't even see, what kind of logic is that??), but refused to wear dress shoes. they're sandalish kinda things, the least dressy i could get by with. :) and the basketball rim is such a classy touch. personally as a photographer, i'd have checked my background first. but then it brings back a lot of memories of the bball team, so i don't mind so much. post your own forgotten photo and tell liz about it. it's quite fun!! :)

Forgotten Photo Friday

after a very embarrassing show on tv of a couple from my hometown getting married, i had to choose a wedding pic for my forgotten photo friday! they were on my big redneck wedding, and NO i am not posting a link. ours was not a redneck wedding, i promise! :) while our wedding wasn't embarrassing, it is really sad the cute little girl with me in the pic (meredith francis) is in college! *sigh* post your own forgotten photo and tell liz about it. it's quite fun!! :)

Introducing a new scrapbooking software you will love!

Here's the official word from DSP. And here's Lizzy using the software to scrapbook. And yes, she's 9, so you can do it too! :) DSP is excited to announce our partnership with Polaroid My Memories Suite! Imagine a great software filled with the fabulous DSP graphics you love! Available now in the shop , My Memories Suite is a great new #1 rated scrapbooking software program complete with DSP graphics ! Included are lots of backgrounds, embellishments, and even entire albums for quick and easy, but beautiful pages. With MMS, you can include music, video, and narration in your pages and then create books, CDs, DVDs, calendars, cards, and more! You can create one scrapbook and share it in many different ways! The kits you buy in the My Memories Suite section of the shop will auto-install into MMS for super easy finding as you scrap. Of course all of our kits at DSP (or those on your hard drive) are still compatible with MMS too! You'll love the included graphics cr

Forgotten Photo Friday

found another photo from 2004. this one cracks me up! josh found pig ears at petland and of course, what else would you do with pig ears? he thought chewing on them would be pretty gross of course, even though sydney used to love them. i just keep thinking, what a big pig that must have been!!! post your own forgotten photo and tell liz about it. it's quite fun!! :)

Great April Fools prank on the kids and a fun family breakfast!

Our April Fools joke went as planned and was GREAT! The kids said it was awesome! :) Idea from James Macdonald : One year we rushed into their bedrooms at six a.m. shouting, "Get up! We're late for school!" We had changed every clock in the house to read an hour later. The kids ran downstairs, half dressed. We stuffed them in the car and rushed down the street—only to find the school parking lot empty. Kathy and I screamed, "April Fools!" and took them out for breakfast. AND it worked perfectly! We changed all the clocks, even the computer and van. This morning Josh got up and started to get ready and I said Josh, it's late! He said my watch says it's only 7:20. I said go check a clock because your watch battery might be dying. He said OH NO MOM, IT'S 8:20! I said get ready quick! (The bus comes ~8:20.) Then we got Lizzy and Matt up in a panic because we had an "appointment" so we all frantically got dressed and out to the van. As a bonus,

Exciting news at DSP!

I had to share what's going on at work. It's birthday week, the most exciting week of the year! :) NEWSFLASH Great news, DSP is NOT participating in the recession and neither should you! When you can’t afford the big luxuries, indulge in some small ways and scrap more. Scrap every day if you’d like. Or every week or every month, but keep scrapping. Digital scrapbooking is affordable, easy, and most importantly fun! During our Scrapolution we’ve been challenged to keep you challenged. So here’s a new one! DSP is introducing a PROJECT 365 category in the store to keep you scrapping! Whether you scrap a photo a day, a week, a month, or a year, we will provide the resources. Quickly record the details of daily life or artistically depict those special moments. Put a day, a week, or even a whole month on one page. Jot a quick note about each photo or journal your heartfelt memories. Use a PROJECT 365 quick click or instant album to make your pages quick and easy. Or try a