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Fried food, sleepy cat, garden, deer, nasty cuts

We're loving our deep fryer, probably more than a family should. Lucy taking a swim, without water.  The garden's doing very well. We're getting giant green beans daily now.  But it's so hot (even outside of the greenhouse), that most everyone just wants to sleep, especially the very pregnant Walker Kitty. Except when she's being forced to wear makeup. Walker Kitty was not a fan of makeup. So creepy!  And it didn't wear off for a few days. Even more creepy.  Back to sleep though.  Matt was being a good watch dog and chasing off a hawk, but he forgot about the goat's line through the field. It happens to be about belly height. :/  It healed pretty quickly, but ouch!  The deer are still visiting often. They seem to want to tempt fate. Or they may know it's not hunting season yet. 

Baby bunnies

Little bunnies are just so fun! They start out so gross, but quickly grow into cute. Sometimes the chickens get jealous. We have weird chickens.  Yeah, it's a boy. Sorry about that.  We keep putting them back in their boxes, but they love to hang out, literally. Kinda looks like a little old man bunny.  Another Tom Selleck bunny.  Rusty Nail. His coloring is so unique. 

Sour cream, so easy!

Why did I not know how easy it was to make sour cream? You literally just take cream... and let it sour. Sheesh!  Our neighbor had extra cow milk (our goat milk is creamy, but doesn't separate as easily), so I looked up making sour cream and couldn't believe how easy it was. Seriously, let your milk sit out overnight. Done!  That's really it. If your family is curious, you might make a mean sign.  Then scoop off the cream.   With the rest of the milk you can make cottage cheese and whey too. 

Goofy goat

We haven't figured out if Lily just plays with me or if she really doesn't like me. She's always goofing around, but with me she's a bit more forceful! Attacking either me or my phone: Head butting me:


We had some RVing friends visit for a few days. The kids (I think we had about 95 between us, but I'm just estimating) had lots of fun on the trampoline and the barn became some kind of kid command central. That was especially helpful since it kept raining on us! They fit in nicely beside the tiny log cabin. :) 

Extra counter space in the RV

I doubled our counter space in 30 seconds! (Well, technically two days, thanks to Amazon Prime, if you count the wait.)  Yes, UPS delivers to Lundy Mountain and, as a bonus, Jack gets a treat from the driver! Even though I do still keep our counters cleared , and we're very used to living small, there just isn't much counter space in an RV.  I've wanted to find a cutting board or something for over the stove for years, but I wasn't sure what I wanted, so I just put it off.  Thanks to the  Make Over Your Mornings course, I decided this was something I really wanted, so I put it on my (purposefully very short) to-do list. I searched, thought, measured, and finally ordered a Baker's Measuring Board from Core Bamboo. One side for cutting (that I doubt I'll use as I like my small, color-coded, flexible ones) and one side for rolling out pie crust, that has some cool measurements and conversions that will be very helpful. And I can flip it up to stand beside the s

Trampoline, slackline

Hey kids, I need a good picture of you three = I end up with this. Eh, I still like it because I love these weirdos. The slackline over the trampoline though, you need nerves of steel or the ability to look away. Probably both.

Act!vated Story Theatre

We got to go see the Gozas (RVing friends who have been on the road over 20 years!) perform again with Act!vated Story Theatre . They're always fun and the kids love their tales!

Strawberry cheesecake chimichangas

We saved our strawberries until we had enough for a recipe, then found the perfect one to make: Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas !  They were easy and so so good!  

At the lake

This was when just the beach area of our lake was underwater. The lake's been flooded all summer, so it's been fun to watch it climb. We had to park, and swim, right in the road. This time though, we could drive most of the way down. You can see that the ramp to the beach is underwater though. This is Uncle Ryan driving up it last year. We sure miss him! Lake days usually end with "let's climb on Dad's boat" or "let's climb on Dad!"  He loves it. Whitewater kayaks are good for many things, and if your sister balances the weight in the back, they're great for front and back flips. :) Matt's back flip: And his front flip:

More sleepy cat

She posted a watch chicken. We need a bigger chair. And a bigger table.  And a bigger hole for her face.  Walker and Jack both seem to love sleeping on the new porch.