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MCAS Miramar Air Show and the Blue Angels

On our way to the beach, we stopped at the MCAS Air Show and saw the Blue Angels, with beautiful mountains as a backdrop! We were even offered free tickets to front & center of the grandstand! We've seen (and loved) the Blue Angels a few times, but we've never gotten to see them land. It was a pretty neat ceremonial process. After that show, the kids also got to climb in, over, under, and around planes, helicopters, tanks, hummers, anything and everything awesome. They asked lots of questions and thoroughly checked everything out. A few pics: More pics: And videos!


We went to the beach with our friends/neighbors the McCloskeys looking for the blue waves . We played a little while the sun was setting and it was beautiful. We've missed the Pacific!

Meeting the Goldens, another RVing family

In keeping with our streak of finding nearby RVing families, we found another near us in California! The Golden family was in Riverside and came to Menifee to meet with us and the McCloskeys. With 11 kids between the 3 families, there was a lot of fun and craziness! We chatted while the kids swam, then roasted hot dogs and s'mores and chatted more, while the kids ran off to find firewood in the dark and sing on scooters. They were off the next morning for other places, but once again, I'm sure our paths will cross again! The Goldens are planning Maine for next year, and at this current minute in time, so are we! Our plans might change, once or a hundred times twice, but hopefully we'll see them again soon.

Meeting the Mulacs, another RVing family

As we were getting ready to leave Las Vegas, we found out the Mulac family , another RVing family, was heading to town. So we stayed a few extra days and got to meet up! Lizzy was so happy to see GIRLS! We saw a fun laser show at Sam's Town. Then hung out at Dunkin Donuts. The girls hit it off and they were very not camera shy. In one short evening they worked up a plan to start a band. We're so enjoying meeting all the traveling families that are making their way south!

Valley of Fire

Last time we left Las Vegas, we missed the Valley of Fire (despite many imploring us not to) and we almost did again this time. But I'm SO glad we took an extra day to visit it - amazing! Unlike Red Rock Canyon, where we drove around the loop at looked at the pretty lovelies off to the side, in the Valley of Fire, you drive right through it. It's bigger and more diverse (although you could have fun for weeks at both). We got to hike, climb, do slot canyons, and search for wave rock. A few of my favorite pics: Here's a panorama of one of the overlooks: More pics: There are two campgrounds right in the middle of this beauty and we hope to come back again. The kids could spend all day every day climbing!

Birthday party

This one falls under the category of "best timing ever"! While in Vegas, I'd hoped to meet up with my friend Jenna and she invited us to her son's birthday party, at a trampoline place! The one thing the kids actually miss is their trampoline and they were excited. Plus, they got to meet three other adopted kids! It was great to see Jenna and Brian again, and meet Christian, Liam, and Lola finally in real life. They are all adorable! Jenna and I had lots to chat about and the kids jumped and jumped and jumped. Then pizza and cupcakes, Angry Bird ones no less. A few pics: A lot more: The kids were very appreciative of Christian letting us crash his party and we had a great time!

Meeting the Coast to Coast Trips, another RVing family

While in Las Vegas, we found out that another traveling family, The Coast to Coast Trips were in town AND in our very campground! What a treat! We invited them along to Red Rock Canyon and left on a gorgeous morning. Unfortunately, there was an ugly rainstorm right over Red Rock so we were drenched just running into the visitor center. But fortunately it let up just enough to start hiking anyway, and turned out to be a very nice day. And the rainfall gave the whole area a new look with waterfalls and tiny rushing rivers. Because of the rain, I didn't take my camera, but Kimberly did, so all the pics except for the last one are hers. Suzanne and I also didn't do all the climbing (we stayed pretty low and chatted the day away!) so thanks to Kimberly, we can see some of what we missed. We kept seeing everyone popping up along very high ridges then disappearing again. We had a little jam session at the clubhouse. Those triplets are great! Josh is now saving up for an ele