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Even though my parents were due around lunchtime, Allen went out hunting in the morning and quickly got a doe! It may have taken 45 minutes. The man is a hunting machine!  Uncle Ryan and Josh helped him process it outside, while Matt helped me weigh and wrap up the meat inside.  All with the clock ticking down, as I really didn't want Mom and Dad to arrive to Lundy Mountain for the first time and see it looking like, well, like it did.  (Ew) The chickens and cat were very happy with the leftovers.  (Ew) Walker Kitty literally ate herself into a stupor.  She passed out right there and didn't move for hours.   And we finished just in time, with all the evidence gone.  And FORTY POUNDS of free meat in the freezer!  That was a very productive morning.  He's been watching the deer around here and of course they can't see him looking like this.  The trail cam has been fun to watch.  This little guy's safe, but there are a lot of others on this mounta

Walmart Museum

We picked up Uncle Ryan (for a week-long visit, yay!) in Bentonville, so when in Rome... we had to visit the Walmart Museum.  It was very interesting, and especially awesome since it ended at the old-time ice cream parlor!

Random farmness

Walker Kitty's back.  One day it was the mower seat, the next was a box of trash. Apparently the ducks are really enjoying the goats' play land, especially the tires.  They put gravel on our dirt road!  Guess they were tired of having to scrape it after every rain. I'm not sure how they justify the expense for the few people that live up here, but our tires are grateful.  My pictures won't be as pretty though!   My reading tree was taken over by Allen, Matt, a dog, a cat, and goats.  Lizzy drew the goats if they were human.  I think she captured their personalities well!  Fun happy Lily, sweet quiet Lucy, and pretty but mean Annie.   Some of the tarantulas here are kinda big. They keep to themselves, so they don't really bother us. The kids came in telling me about an extra big spider on the barn and wanted the camera. I said make sure something's in the picture so you can see how big it is, and they took this.  Okay then!   We got a free goat/

Poor kitty

I held off on posting about our poor kitty until I was sure it would have a happy ending, but (spoiler alert) it does!  After midnight, we heard Walker Kitty yowling something awful. Allen went out to check on her and found her dazed and leaning on a fence, but didn't see any other animals.  She had some cuts and puncture wounds, but her lack of balance was most troubling.  We thought maybe she'd been bitten by a venomous snake, since unfortunately there are many around here, but she never showed any swelling.  We'll spare the details, but our best guess now is some animal (coon, coyote?) bit her head and shook her or threw her against something.  But it's just a total guess of course.  It was sad to see her in such bad shape and we prepared the kids for the worst, in case she didn't wake up.  She wouldn't even drink fresh milk or get up for over 24 hours.  We kept her inside and let her sleep, giving her lots of love.   After a day and a half, she fi

Hay for the cat

Walker Kitty made a little bed in the pine shavings... But then we got a truckload of round hay bales...  So she decided to BE the bale.  She's pretty comfy up there.  Weird and comfy. 

Cat, deer, canning

Not necessarily a strange place for a cat to sleep, but a new one for Walker Kitty. On the top left, you can (barely) see the deer that hang out every day, in the yard, with the chickens, ducks, goats, dog, cat, kids...  They don't seem to mind.  Or know that hunting season opens soon! Thanks to our awesome neighbors, we've had many tomatoes, pears, peaches, and apples to figure out how to preserve.   We've been cooking and canning for weeks it seems.  Pasta sauce, whole tomatoes, salsa, pears, pear butter, pear jelly, pear crisp, apple butter, apple jelly, apple sauce, apple pie filling, apple crisp, peach butter, peach jelly... mmm.....

Attitudes, tape measures, chicks

Lots of attitude on this RVstead. This chick will be trouble. And Gypsy likes to give one-ear-up sarcastic looks.  Speaking of attitudes, these three make me a little leery.  We just sent the third and last member of the first chicken mafia to freezer camp. Now these chicks are forming a little exclusive group.  Better watch these...  Little bunny tongues are so funny. Maybe only to me though.  Allen sat down and Lily kept pulling out his tape measure and letting it snap back, over and over!  Not sure if she liked the sound or just wanted a snack.  Allen built a double cage for the newest bunnies under the back covered barn area between the goats and chickens.   We've been letting the goats graze in the yard and Annie was determined to get into the chicken tractor to get to their food. You know, because there wasn't enough food in the field or woods all around her.  New chicks!  Last batch before winter.  So says Allen.  Again.  We'll see.   So fluff