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Poor kitty

I held off on posting about our poor kitty until I was sure it would have a happy ending, but (spoiler alert) it does!  After midnight, we heard Walker Kitty yowling something awful. Allen went out to check on her and found her dazed and leaning on a fence, but didn't see any other animals.  She had some cuts and puncture wounds, but her lack of balance was most troubling.  We thought maybe she'd been bitten by a venomous snake, since unfortunately there are many around here, but she never showed any swelling.  We'll spare the details, but our best guess now is some animal (coon, coyote?) bit her head and shook her or threw her against something.  But it's just a total guess of course.  It was sad to see her in such bad shape and we prepared the kids for the worst, in case she didn't wake up.  She wouldn't even drink fresh milk or get up for over 24 hours. 
We kept her inside and let her sleep, giving her lots of love.  
After a day and a half, she finally started eating and drinking just a little.  
And we cleaned her up. She was looking rough!  
She tried to play a little, but she was still very wobbly.  But we were glad her spirits were high. 
The next day she was doing even better. Still wobbly, but she ventured out and about. 
She would still sleep a lot.  
When she wandered off and we found her asleep on a shoe, we knew she was on her way to a full recovery!  
She's doing great now and back to her ornery, weird self!  We also now like to think she bravely fended off a bear to protect the farm animals!  :)