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My sweet, sweet little Josh

two things i have to share: first, my 3-yr-old son woke me up by jumping on the bed (as usual) yesterday morning. then he leaned down and kissed my cheek. then he said mommy, we're married now! that's what married people do. they kiss! and we have to hold hands too because that's what you do when you're married ahhhh. then he kept saying come here my wife, it's me your husband how sweet is that?? and the day before i woke up (same way) with a powerful migraine. the baddest of bad kinds too. couldn't get out of bed until noon (and he quietly played and watched tv in my room until then, how cool is that?) but anyway, he woke me up and i told him i was very sick and couldn't get up and play just yet. a few minutes later i felt water on my lips and he'd gone to get me a glass of water and was trying to get me to drink it!! so sweet i didn't care that it was actually a shaving cream cap and water from the bathroom sink! all together now... aw