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Allen is old!

i won't tell you how old, but you can count the candles if you wish! allen's birthday was wednesday (same as halloween and all the kids' adoption days!) and we celebrated with a cake and a giant cookie, exactly what we needed after all the halloween candy! there were so many candles that i couldn't get a good picture. looked like the cake was on fire! look at the glow on the kids' faces! and check out the smoke afterwards! i think this birthday brought a fire hazard. :)

Trick or Treat, meet the Harry Potter characters!

the kids had a blast tonight trick or treating. they were harry potter, ron weasley, and hermione granger and they received so many compliments from kids and parents alike! and as usual, way too much candy! but we let them graze through it as fast as possible, so the madness is over as soon as possible! matt's hair was hilarious! we used orange spray so he'd have the weasley red hair and it was seriously orange.

Man, I love my job!

i really do! wonderful staff and members, it's 107,000 of my closest friends! the site went down for a few hours last night. it rarely happens (but you know, what goes up must come down), but with a site as large as dsp , with as much activity around the clock, tweaks happen. but this was such a nice thread to read. click here to read it now! it's amazing to see how important dsp is in the lives of its members. i know *i* love it, but it's awesome to see how important it really is to others. sure makes this job so rewarding!

More camping, more kayaking!

we went back to the breaks interstate park and had a fun day! just one though because allen had a little mishap on the river... upside down in a kayak, with a rock to the side of the head. :( he'll go to the doctor tomorrow, looks like a ruptured ear drum and nasty river water's never good for infections and such. (besides the pain, disorientation, loss of balance, hearing, and vision!) but once you overlooked his grotesquely swollen ear, you could really appreciate the fall colors in the beautiful gorge! more pics of course...

I love the IRS

Have I mentioned that lately? I really do. And they love me too. :)

Great camping and kayaking weekend!

we went to the breaks interstate park , called the grand canyon of the south. it was indeed gorgeous in the fall, and we can't wait to go back this weekend! i took a few (hundred) too many photos of course. allen kayaked russell fork with the oac and had a great time in the water. the kids and i enjoyed numerous short hikes and the beautiful views of the canyon. the second day we got to watch allen kayak a little too. we had a bear visit the campground! that was exciting, but a little scary. we were sure glad to be sleeping in a camper that night instead of a tent! we also saw lots of deer, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. though the bear was by far the favorite! this was a great park, with views of kentucky and virginia, many overlooks with breathtaking views, great long and short hikes, a lodge with so-so food but a wonderful view of the canyon, a very cool train tunnel through the mountain, lots of wildlife, and even a playground to keep the kids busy in between all that!

Fall leaves and photos

Debi inspired me today with her great fall pictures to at least get out and take a few. So I just took a few when the kids were playing in the yard. And by a few, I mean 327, in 5 minutes. Oh, you've done it too! :) They had fun doing what they do all day anyway, and I got a few cute pics I'm happy with, so good 5 minutes!

Soccer, the Columbus Crew, and Liz McCoy!

what a day this was! josh and lizzy's soccer tournament game went into overtime, then a shoot out, which they won! lizzy scored the winning goal and josh at goalie made the winning save! then we went to see the columbus crew (pro soccer) to see how real soccer is played (and josh finally learned how to use his head instead of his hands). that was our first pro soccer match and it was really fun to watch! then i got to meet THE elizabeth l mccoy , someone i've known online for three years. she and her husband were in columbus, so we got together for a quick visit and it was like seeing old friends. it's so fun to meet members of team digital ! there are so many of course, and they're all wonderful. it's a great place to work!!