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Water park

The beach at Indian Lakes had an inflatable water park wonderland.  The kids (okay, and adults) loved it!  I went with the intentions of reading, but ended up joining in.  I haven't laughed (the kids say I cackled) that hard in way too long.  It was so much fun!  This is what I found a few minutes after we got home, so it was obviously exhausting too!

Midwest downtime

We're (very slowly) making our way up to North Dakota (yes, just to fill in that last sticker on our map !) and have had a lot of downtime in Ohio and Indiana.  It feels like that's all we have nowadays, but I think we're just so used to our nomadic life that it's just the norm.  Ever sold all your possessions, taken your family on the road, traveled the entire country for years, seen amazing things, met wonderful people, but feel like your life is way too boring to write a book about it? Yeah, me too! So, not much to blog about, but here are a few things we've been up to.  The kids made business cards for Doggy Day Care and are hoping to wash a few dogs around the campgrounds.  (Matt's shirt is thanks to the grands!) We've eaten a lot of frog legs (yes, they taste like chicken).  Some have been huge!  We've learned that Matt will sacrifice everything to catch a frog.  He was neck deep in a lake after dark!   Jack was busted for sneaking u

Reds game

Uncle Ryan came to see us and surprised us with tickets to watch the Cincinnati Reds!  The kids were SO excited, especially Matt who hadn't seen a game in Cincinnati yet!  (He even got a certificate.)  Big game with the Cardinals, Arroyo was pitching, Matt could watch his favorite Choo, AND best of all, they were special seats in the all-you-can-eat section !!  Some of our cousins were in the section above us too, so it was nice to visit with them.  The game even went ten innings (plus the kids were all sugared up), so it was really fun!  Even though they didn't win, it was a fun game and we had a blast!

On the farm

We had so much fun on the Hilty farm!  We kinda forgot to make campground reservations over Memorial Day, and everyone and their brother (literally) were camping, so we were stuck with no place to go.  So, not relishing a few hot days at Walmarts, I tossed my pride to the wind and begged some friends with a farm (and a full hookup!).  Despite their busy schedule (and brand new grandson!) they gladly agreed and we had a wonderful weekend.  We all agree this may be our new favorite campground!  The kids had sooo much fun with their girls, driving, riding, hiding, and just running wild.  Jack even had friends to run and play with too!  And the adults had a relaxing time hanging out and great conversation. (We may "accidentally" get stuck again in the future to ensure our spot.)  ☺   We visited their farm a few years ago, when they first started working on it and they've sure accomplished a lot.  And it's just gorgeous!  It's so pretty and peaceful.  And Gretchen&

Cell phones

How we lowered our cell phone bill from $118 to $15 AND we still have smart phones, can call or text anywhere, have no contracts, and we even kept our old phone numbers.  We just got rid of AT&T for Pure TalkUSA and use our own wifi (or free wifi anywhere) instead of cell data. We have a $15 plan and if we go over our minutes/texts, it goes to the next level, up to whatever cap we set.  So it's usually $15 a month for two phones!  If we're more talkative, it's $25.  If we just can't shut up, then it's $35.  That's still a pretty sweet savings!  (We've since upgraded two phones to unlimited talk/text and 3gb of data, so we can have data when we need it. We've also added 4 lines for our kids and the grandparents. So our bill now is $59. Still pretty great!) When we travel, we always have our wifi with us anyway, so we don't have to go without.  If we plan to be out and about and will need data, we can take the wifi, or connect at McDonalds or a

Spelling lesson

Not our proudest moment as homeschoolers, but we did get a big chuckle out of this exchange between our two oldest.  :)