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On the farm

We had so much fun on the Hilty farm!  We kinda forgot to make campground reservations over Memorial Day, and everyone and their brother (literally) were camping, so we were stuck with no place to go.  So, not relishing a few hot days at Walmarts, I tossed my pride to the wind and begged some friends with a farm (and a full hookup!).  Despite their busy schedule (and brand new grandson!) they gladly agreed and we had a wonderful weekend. 
We all agree this may be our new favorite campground!  The kids had sooo much fun with their girls, driving, riding, hiding, and just running wild.  Jack even had friends to run and play with too!  And the adults had a relaxing time hanging out and great conversation. (We may "accidentally" get stuck again in the future to ensure our spot.)  ☺  
We visited their farm a few years ago, when they first started working on it and they've sure accomplished a lot.  And it's just gorgeous!  It's so pretty and peaceful.  And Gretchen's grand plan is amazing too, so we can't wait to see it in the future. 
And on farms, you can do really fun things! 
Including bonfires and fire writing.  
What a fun time.  The kids wanted to just move in and stay, at least for a while.  Hopefully we can take advantage of their kindness again in the future! 
As a bonus, we visited our old church family at Grace and went to a picnic afterwards.  It was great to catch up with many of our friends and see so many of the kids all grown up.  ❤