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Saturday, November 9, 2013

How to become a fulltime RVing family

So many people ask in real life, on Facebook, in forums, in messages, and by email, "How can we be fulltime RVers?" Here's where you can start... 
There's a book all about it.  How To Hit The Road includes budget worksheets and packing lists. 
FulltimeFamilies.com has many resources, videos, and stories.  Plus, they publish Fulltime Families Magazine, a monthly magazine by and for fulltimers.  Their Fulltime Families Facebook group is where over 12,000 of us connect and share.
Technomadia.com has No Excuses: Go Nomadic, a great resource that includes jobs, pets, community, mail, healthcare, wifi, and more.
These are great places to learn about life on the road: making money, mobile wifi, roadschooling, friends, campgrounds, mail forwarding, home states, holidays, etc!  If you're interested in how you can be a fulltime RVer, check them out!
(Some affiliate links because we share what's helpful for us.  Hope it's helpful for you!)