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How to become a fulltime RVing family

So many people ask in real life, on social media, in messages, and by email, "How can we be fulltime RVers?" We just bought an RV, sold our stuff, hit the road, and figured it out as we went. If you want a little direction first, here's where you can start...
We have a free guide at and a book of course!
Google. Seriously. ๐Ÿ˜Š Probably any question you can think of about RVing has been covered by now. Mail, income, taxes, wifi, registrations, maintenance, homeschooling, floor plans, pets... It's all there.

If you prefer to see everything in one place, and step by step, Technomadia's No Excuses: Go Nomadic is a great resource that includes jobs, pets, community, mail, healthcare, wifi, and more.

If you want to connect with, and learn from, other traveling families, has many resources for those of you with kids. The Fulltime Families Facebook group is where over 27,000 of us connect and share. We meet up across the country and help our kids stay connected to friends. And they have a great post about How to Make Money on the Road. (Here's how we do it.)

Find more links for RVing websites, groups, and blogs here. The websites are great places to learn about life on the road: making money, mobile wifi, roadschooling, friends, campgrounds, mail forwarding, etc. When they have Start Here buttons, be sure to click those! The groups are great for connecting with others and asking questions. The blogs are fun to see how families actually live on the road and what they do. Of course we share our stories right here at

There are books all about RVing too. How To Hit The Road includes budget worksheets and packing lists. There are so many resources out there, you're not likely to have a question unanswered for long. But if you do, just email us and we'll point you in the right direction! 

(Some affiliate links because we share what's helpful for us.  Hope it's helpful for you!)