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RVing videos

We LOVE our nomadic life, but these fun compilation videos make me love it even more. :) This is Home (song by Switchfoot, pics by Margie, videos by Allen, cute kids by adoption, amazing life by courage and the grace of God). The fulltime RVing Lundy family in 2010: Another video of our RVing adventures in 2011. We went from Florida to Maryland, took an unplanned (nothing is ever planned!) turn to Missouri, then on to California and Arizona.  This year we really slowed down, spending more time in each place. We still saw a LOT and enjoyed every bit most of it. The fulltime RVing Lundy family in 2011: Yes, we need to make an updated video, but we've been too busy enjoying life.  We'll get to it soon! New here?  Click here to meet us .  Fulltime RVing family of five, living life on the road and on top of the world. ❤


Lizzy and I took advantage of my mom's big kitchen and baked all day for Thanksgiving.  Yep, in our fancy aprons found in a forgotten drawer. (Those don't exist in RVs - forgotten drawers, not aprons.)  Then we just grazed for days.  We were very thankful!

Roof bike rack tip

Tip: After unhitching the RV, if you have a bike and kayak mounted on the roof rack of your truck, remind your wife when she runs to the grocery store not to park under a tree! Oops!  Fortunately no bikes, or kayaks, or racks, or trees were harmed (very much) in this adventure.  You'd think the lesson would have been learned during the Sonic drive-in mishap...  but you'd be wrong.  Sometimes it takes (hopefully only) two times for the lesson to sink in.  :) 

Bright, happy colors!

Did I buy these *just* because they matched the walls? Why yes, yes I did. :) Can you blame me?  Now I want a purple toaster to match these!

Time to head south

The sun is setting on our time in the Ozarks.  (Though yep, this is the moon rising!)  We'll sure miss the quiet and beauty of the mountains. And our view. And our little cabin. And this back yard.   We had a great Fall in Arkansas, loved the area, made many friends, and worked hard.  Our hunters had a blast, literally.  And our freezers and hearts are full.   Now we're [almost] ready for some warmth and sunshine!

Cross stitching with a view

Our neighbor (down the mountain, up another mountain, around the bend) invited the kids over to learn to cross stitch.  We think they have the best view around!  And this was a gloomy, rainy day.  They have giant windows overlooking this scene.  I'm sure it's beautiful every season.  The kids enjoyed the challenge as it was harder than they expected.  Josh is especially enjoying working on it and getting pretty good!


We had some "neighbors" over.  That term, as always, used loosely in the mountains.  They're another homeschooling family that we've run into a few times, thanks to a mutual friend.  They came to visit us on our mountain and it was fun to have company for a change!  The kids played and the adults chatted.  Our kids *may* have introduced them to grasshoppertizers.  And fun death-trap-broken-trampoline games.  Fortunately, since they're also crazy homeschoolers, they were okay with it and fun was had by all (without injury even).  :) 

Before & after

We've done a little work on this corner of the mountain.   "A little" as in a whole lot.  And it's been very fun, rewarding, fun, challenging, fun, educational, and yep, fun.  We're all stronger, wiser, and more appreciative.  We've also had so many experiences you just can't have in campgrounds!  It'll be hard to leave this little piece of peace, but it will be nice to head to sunny Florida to warm up and rest a bit!  Before and after pics: The view from my reading tree, which ended up Allen's deer tree instead.  He says I get my reading tree next year.   We'll sure miss our view. And our free dinners.  Hopefully it won't be too grown up when we visit again!  

Fall is almost over for us

We'll be leaving the fall colors of the Ozarks for the sunshine state soon.  We're sad and happy (but mostly sad!) but we do look forward to some summer weather for winter down south.  :)  We'll sure miss the light and color displays here though.


Today I went outside to take a " Where's Your Feet Friday? " photo for the Fulltime Families Facebook group, and I found this... When I asked what they were doing, Josh said he was trying to hang Matt and make it look like an accident.  :/  Looks like it almost worked.  It's always interesting having boys.  Here's the picture I took after extracting them.  To answer the feet question, ours are playing on the slackline in the mountains of Arkansas.  Crazy kids. And a few days later, I see this.  Matt says turnabout is fair play.  :/

But what about socialization?

Seriously, I can't believe this question is still asked about homeschoolers, but it is.  Constantly.  Before quality of education even.  " What about socialization?   Kids need to go to school to learn socialization." First, the definition.  Socialization ( noun ) - a continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior, and social skills appropriate to his or her social position. No, we don't want that from school.  The end. Now, maybe they mean will they be socialized (verb) - to make social; make fit for life in companionship with others? Yes, they will.  The end. Josh is usually the only one under 55 at bluegrass jams. It's really that easy.  There are many books, articles, and blog posts that share the ways homeschoolers are involved with a wide variety of group activities.  It's been proven countless ways that homeschoolers manage just fine in the real world.  Yet the question continu

Freezer, meat, land, view, cute hunters

We needed an extra freezer for all the deer meat we're collecting.  The RV came with a fridge (which we didn't need and quickly purged) so it had a perfect spot.  We hoped it would hold two deer.  This is one.  We have 55 pounds of venison, thanks to our third deer.  55!  Yes, that is camo-wrapped ground deer.  :)  Allen and the boys have been clearing a spot down in the woods.  Looks like we'll have a great area for the kids to play in the fort.  Oh wait, Allen's planting clover and the fort's becoming another deer blind.  I'm sure that'll be fun too.  I couldn't go outside without taking a pic of the view and our unknown neighbors.  I found out that "Oh honey, you look so cute!" is not appreciated in this situation by mighty hunters.  My bad.  (But isn't he?!)  :) 

How to become a fulltime RVing family

So many people ask in real life, on social media, in messages, and by email, " How can we be fulltime RVers? " We just bought an RV, sold our stuff, hit the road, and figured it out as we went. If you want a little direction first, here's where you can start... We have a free guide at and a book of course! Google . Seriously. 😊 Probably any question you can think of about RVing has been covered by now. Mail, income, taxes, wifi, registrations, maintenance, homeschooling, floor plans, pets... It's all there. If you prefer to see everything in one place, and step by step,  Technomadia's   No Excuses: Go Nomadic  is a great resource that includes jobs, pets, community, mail, healthcare, wifi, and more. If you want to connect with, and learn from, other traveling families,  has many resources for those of you with kids. The  Fulltime Families Facebook group  is where over 27,000 of us connect and share. We meet up across