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Freezer, meat, land, view, cute hunters

We needed an extra freezer for all the deer meat we're collecting.  The RV came with a fridge (which we didn't need and quickly purged) so it had a perfect spot.  We hoped it would hold two deer. 
This is one.  We have 55 pounds of venison, thanks to our third deer.  55!  Yes, that is camo-wrapped ground deer.  :) 
Allen and the boys have been clearing a spot down in the woods.  Looks like we'll have a great area for the kids to play in the fort.  Oh wait, Allen's planting clover and the fort's becoming another deer blind.  I'm sure that'll be fun too. 
I couldn't go outside without taking a pic of the view and our unknown neighbors. 
I found out that "Oh honey, you look so cute!" is not appreciated in this situation by mighty hunters.  My bad.  (But isn't he?!)  :)