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the BIG day in the Lundy family

today was the big one! halloween AND allen's birthday AND josh's adoption day (7 years) AND lizzy and matt's adoption days (2 years)! we went back home to visit the grands and even took the scenic route so we could enjoy the fall leaves, hills, and beautiful views of southern ohio. we sure miss those. mom had a great ohio state party ready for us! it was great to hang out with them this weekend.

Happy Halloween!

the kids had a blast trick or treating tonight we had an army sniper, the incredible hulk, and hannah montana. josh looked so cute and took his new position with the army very seriously. he wore allen's old army clothes (all tucked in and belted up). allen cut some branches and helped fix him all up. people kept answering the door saying they couldn't see anyone. :) matt was very muscular and very green! he loved having black hair and was so sad to wash it out. lizzy was totally hannah, but that's pretty much every day, not just trick or treat. :) besides the wig and crazy high heeled boots, she was just her rock star self. and boy did they bring home lots of candy!

football is over

the football playoffs are over. josh's team was kinda trounced, but josh had a great game! here he is (#2) taking down #18. and yes, he's still too young!

they won! football playoffs, game #1

on this freezing cold evening, josh's team won their first playoff game, so they play again next week. he had a really good game and got in on some tackles. it's fun to hear the announcer say tackle by number 2, josh lundy! he was pumped after the game and even helped me make this animated gif of one of his tackles. he's #2 and helped #75 bring down #14. does it look a bit violent for 7-8 year olds?! it does to this mom! :)

finally, his first lost tooth!

matt has been waiting so long to lose a tooth and finally did tonight at church! it's been loose for a while and he's tried everything: wiggling, pushing, pulling, even getting kicked in the mouth! (yeah, he wanted it out bad!) so tonight when we went in to pick him up, they told us it fell out and a leader had it. i figured it was during game time, he fell or was kicked or something, but nope. it was during class, you know, the quiet listening time. he said he just used his fingernails to get in there and pulled as hard as he could. he's one tough boy! and now one very proud and excited boy! oh, and it was western night, hence the bandana. :)

Spooky, eh? Had some scary fun in Photoshop!

At DSP, we're having a Super Spooktacular fun time in October on the website. I had to try a gothic tutorial to make my avatar (little profile picture so I could "dress up" for Halloween) and had a ball doing it. Pretty scary though!! People weren't sure it was really me, so I had to post the transformation. Spooky!

New Buckeyes room!

Go Bucks! Just finished painting (the two finished walls anyway) the Ohio State game room in the barn. We painted a white stripe then used small black and red wallpaper border strips. Like the Michigan logo on the punching bag?! :) We’re not sure how this room will end up. For now it’s for drums, workout, poker, couch/chair, tv, so just a man cave. For those of you local, you’re welcome anytime!

Soccer season comes to a close

soccer season is over for matt and lizzy, but both had great years! we were proud to watch them all season, although a few times we had a hard time watching both in two different places at the same time, with josh also in a third place playing football!