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New review for the book!

I wanted to share another review for Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks ! "As a full-time RVer, I'm constantly amazed at the numbers of folks who simply can not comprehend the nomadic lifestyle. They don't understand our wanderlust or our disenchantment with the traditional American dream (that one involving a house and a mortgage and a three-car garage) -- most importantly, they don't realize that this isn't "camping" or an endless vacation. But Kimberly Travaglino's book Postcards From Chicks Without Bricks is a beautifully-selected compilation of stories from women RVers that provides a compelling picture of the full-timing way of life -- a portrait of mothers and wives, entrepreneurs and artists, young people and retirees who have chosen to take the road less traveled. If you've ever said to yourself, "Gee I'd like to do that someday," this book will show you why you don't have to wait for someday to start enjoying life o

Torture with a light switch

I'm pretty sure Allen is trying to drive me slowly insane. I mean, it's been days and he hasn't fixed this. And I made it *quite* clear that no, I can't live with this, even though it functions perfectly, I just can't.  Just no.  I'm grateful that he's electrically inclined and that our bathroom light is indeed working now, but no. Make it stop!  He offered to switch it to the boys' room, which is perfectly fine with me, since I rarely see that.  But he hasn't yet, which leads me to believe it's purposeful.  I mean, if it's payback, I probably deserve it.  He does put up with a lot from me.  I freely admit that. But this is just wrong. 

The Goza family, Act!vated Story Theatre

I have been hoping to meet Kimberly and Dennis Goza of Act!vated Story Theatre for four years now and finally had the chance!  Kimberly especially was a huge help to us when we prepared to hit the road.  The Gozas have been fulltime RVers for over 20 YEARS and raised their son on the road.  They're (to so many of us) pioneers of the family road life and they paved the way before cell phones, GPS, RVing apps, RVing books , mobile wifi (well, any wifi!), and our network of hundreds of other RVing families.  What seems commonplace to us now was unheard of back then.  And they did a wonderful job of helping traveling families connect and new families get on the road.  They graciously agreed to do a show for the families here in the campground and the kids loved it.  The giggles were so fun to hear.  Their website says:  We don't just tell stories, we act!vate them with physical comedy, audience participation, American Sign Language and imaginative props; staged by profess

Refrigerator message center

I've always hated our shiny black fridge/freezer doors.  Dark, smudgy, fingerprinty, plasticy blah.  So when Allen said the doors would come off easily, I tried to figure out how to change them to fit our brightly redecorated RV . Chalkboard paint, magnetic paint, something bright, something wooden, maybe stainless steel, or contact paper... but I had no clue, so they were still blah black.  But the other night I was thinking (as I try to do often): simplify .  Go with the black instead of over-complicating.  So my solution was a message center for the refrigerator. Just write on the fridge with neon window markers. Good grief that was easy!  And bright, happy, helpful, and most importantly, finished! Now we can leave notes, reminders, pictures, just whatever. And we can make it as bright as we'd like! No more boring blah black. Much better!  So glad I had this idea for decorating a refrigerator door.  If you try it, make sure you test that the markers easily wipe off.  Lizz


Sometimes, like when you see a sunset as pretty as this one, it's (a little) easier to forget you're in a busy campground.  It was a beautiful display for our dinnertime viewing. 

Helicopter ride!

The kids' road-grandpa, Doug (remember the guy from the dumpster ?!) surprised our kids with a HELICOPTER RIDE over Orlando!  They were so excited!  Lizzy and Matt have never flown and Josh hasn't for many years so they were just all smiles as they boarded, and still when they landed.  Josh took my camera up, so the pics are all his, except for my phone pics that I couldn't resist.  They said the captain was funny and told them about everything they were seeing.  Lizzy especially liked his joke, "Is this your first flight? Mine too!"  Downtown Disney, which we just visited .   Epcot ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex Doug's campground! I'm in the back of the truck taking pics. We enjoyed some Krispy Kreme donuts while we heard all about it.  Then headed back to his campground, where the boys tried out the giant chess.  What a fun day, thanks to Doug! 

Pretend wilderness

We're just 5 of literally millions of snowbirds down here in Florida, so campgrounds are packed. Like, really packed.  And sometimes we miss being out in the wilderness somewhere, so we just pretend. The same way we pretend traffic noises at rest stop overnights are ocean waves.  It helps.  The Spanish moss (which we now call Allen's beard, for pretty obvious reasons) is beautiful and especially pretty in this campground, so it's easier to pretend we're all alone in a jungle full of trees and RV-shaped rocks.  :)

Fish and more fish

What have we been up to in Florida?  Fishing.  Pretty much just that.  Allen and sometimes a random kid or two bring them home and I fry them up in a pan.  It's a pretty sweet deal.  This was Matt's monster bass, after he got dressed again...  Right before they got to the take out where I was waiting, he dropped his new pole. He quickly rolled over and went in to save it, cold water and all.  Selfless!  That's why he's only wearing my jacket for this pic!   This was Lizzy's day on the river with her dad.  Cold but pretty.  Mmmm, our favorite so far probably.  Fried bass coated with crushed salt & vinegar chips !  (You're welcome for that recipe!)  My views are pretty when I drop them off or pick them up. One day Allen bought me a beautiful necklace!  Which turned out to be a drop line.  I may have gone over the top, praising him and thanking him and modeling my new jewelry, just to annoy him. That is my favorite hobby of course

Same house, different yard

One of the best things about RV life! I've also noticed most of our favorite camping spots are desert, lava, white sand, etc, all places  you wouldn't have to mow anyway. :)  I saw this saying somewhere and wanted to find a pic for it.  I couldn't find the original quote after searching, so I can only credit as unknown.  Brilliant though!

Sneak peek at the book!

This is MY face, on a book!  We got a sneak peek at the hard copy and I had to share it.  (Order info will be shared later.)  It's just so fun to see my picture along with the other eleven beautiful Chicks and to see Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks in real life!   Don't miss the book trailer!  Or watch it again. Do it for the music! :) Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks is a collection of travel stories written by today’s best travel bloggers. Heartwarming and humorous, these stories will inspire you to pursue your dreams! Buy it now !  Available for iBooks and eReader. Meet the chicks!   Check out the website , meet the Chicks, and watch for more info, opportunities, and hard copies!  This would make a great gift !   ❤