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New review for the book!

I wanted to share another review for Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks!
"As a full-time RVer, I'm constantly amazed at the numbers of folks who simply can not comprehend the nomadic lifestyle. They don't understand our wanderlust or our disenchantment with the traditional American dream (that one involving a house and a mortgage and a three-car garage) -- most importantly, they don't realize that this isn't "camping" or an endless vacation. But Kimberly Travaglino's book Postcards From Chicks Without Bricks is a beautifully-selected compilation of stories from women RVers that provides a compelling picture of the full-timing way of life -- a portrait of mothers and wives, entrepreneurs and artists, young people and retirees who have chosen to take the road less traveled. If you've ever said to yourself, "Gee I'd like to do that someday," this book will show you why you don't have to wait for someday to start enjoying life on the road!" - Ramona Creel, full-time RVer and author of Tin Can Travels
Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks is a collection of travel stories written by today’s best travel bloggers. Heartwarming and humorous, these stories will inspire you to pursue your dreams.  Buy it now!  Available for iBooks and eReader.  Makes a great gift!

Meet the chicks!  Check out the website, meet the Chicks, and watch for more info, opportunities, and hard copies!