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Forgotten Photo Friday

here's a photo i found from 2004. look how young both josh and sydney were!! her face was still black and not gray! :) i'd forgotten how cute it was when josh used to sit or lie down beside her and play. post your own forgotten photo and tell liz about it. it's quite fun!! :)

finally, a haircut for josh!

the boy finally had enough of his long hair from the winter (much to his parents' relief!) now i think i liked it better long though! maybe he'll let it grow again and we'll keep it trimmed. the not trimmed, shaggy part is what drove me nuts. :)

Forgotten Photo Friday (and Happy Spring!)

spring is finally here! yay! i forgot again! but i've decided i'll just call it forgotten forgotten photo friday! :) thanks to liz for the reminder! here's a very long forgotten photo i just found. it's my brother and i showing our horses at the county fair back in the day. spotty (the appaloosa pony) and her foal firefly. (yes, my mom named him - she named another foal 'gee wiz'!) :) wasn't i just a stylin' cowgirl back then???! :) post your own forgotten photo and tell liz about it. it's quite fun!! :)

redecorating a bit

Allen made some shelves for me for the living room so we finally put up some new photos. I still need to paint a few of the frames white, but I sure think I'll like being able to swap the pics around without all the nail holes! When you live in an old house, and have dark walls, you really learn to hate nail holes and plaster walls!! You'll also notice we're using more natural, fun photos instead of the posed ones. We figure we out to show the real Lundy family on the walls too. :)

Forgotten Photo Friday

here's my forgotten photo for friday! i literally had forgotten about these pictures and found them today up in the attic. we hung new pics in the living room and i needed a few more frames and found this one (in a box a mouse decided to live in!). it was a trip down memory lane to 2001 when we adopted josh. it's amazing to see the orphanage behind him (bottom left pic) and remember what it was like. it's also amazing to see how big he's gotten! if you post yours, be sure to add your link to liz's blog!

matt's first ever kindergarten musical

matt was in his very first musical tonight and he was so proud! he sang his little heart out to nursery rhymes with the rest of the kindergarten classes. and he got to stand by libby who is apparently soooooo cute. :) this was our last very first musical, so we went out to celebrate with ice cream at cold stone creamery. yummm! great choices too: peanut butter, chocolate, cake batter, and cotton candy! (not all at once though). :)

New scrapbook pages for 2009

I posted lots of scrapbook pages to my digital scrapbooking gallery at DSP today. All super quick pages that I've made recently (mostly at crops), I just haven't made time to share them yet. I also updated our slide show (over there on the left) to be just our 2009 pages. Our 2008 slide show is still there, just way toward the bottom. :)

Forgotten Photo Friday

i forgot my forgotten photo for forgotten photo friday! does that mean i played correctly?? :) here's one of all my first cousins back in 2000. not even telling you if i was still 28 then or not! :) my cousin michelle sent it. she's the tall blond. hey, how'd she get blond hair?? :) we were in columbus for christmas and it was so nice to be all together! with michelle in mississippi and michael in alaska, it's not so easy!

new photos for the living room

ever since we visited dsp designer suzanne walker's house, (um, and it's been years now) allen's been bugging me to not just put up boring posed photos, but action shots and pretty shots with wordart and be all creative. well, i'm so not creative! but i did slap some wordart on some pics today and printed to frame. (no, i didn't make it, suzi and tina chambers did, but still, my family doesn't have to know that!) :) here are a few. we had to include sydney, so we could always see and remember her. it's getting easier and we're remembering the fun stories, still sad though.