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Josh opens a big concert!

Josh had been practicing for the Flyn concert for weeks, singing with his guitar on the stairs. But we didn't realize he really thought he would be on the stage. So when it was time to go to the concert, he was so upset that we didn't bring his guitar, that his grandma bought him a small one. Josh played it and sang his song for Flyn, who loved the idea of Josh going on stage. So Josh, age 3, opened for Flyn and owned the stage. We wondered how he'd take the lights, the sound, and the 300 cheering fans, but he worked it like a pro! He walked up to the mic and said "Hi everybody! I'm going to sing you a song. Are you ready?" Then he tuned his guitar and said "Almost ready!" Then he started his song while the fans clapped along "Flyn gots a concert, it's so cool, he's so cool, very cool." So they screamed and cheered and Josh said "Thank you, thank you!" He was so proud. We were so proud. With such stage presence,