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Roadschooling Resources

Roadschooling has gained popularity over the years, and especially in the past few months as the pandemic brought kids home from school. Since we've roadschooled our kids for ten years, and we're surrounded by a mobile community of fulltime RVing families, it's just normal life to us.

What is roadschooling? Just like homeschooling, there is a wide range of roadschooling strategies and systems (from school at home to unschooling). As more families consider this roadschool idea, here are just some of the great roadschooling resources available. 

Roadschooling resources

Camping Clubs is a camping club, providing families with roadschooling resources since 2010, including guides, rallies, podcasts, blogs, Facebook groups, a Roadschooling Branch, and more.

The Fulltime Families Explorers is a mobile scouting program for roadschooling kids. 

Books about Roadschooling 

Unlocating: How Undoing Everything You Think Will Bring True Freedom 
This is our book, so yes it's my favorite! It has a chapter on roadschooling. We now have three roadschool graduates in the workforce, military, and college. 

RV Travel on a Budget: A Mother and Son's Guide to Roadschooling the USA  

Roadschooling: The Ultimate Guide to Education Through Travel  

How to Hit the Road: Making Your Family's Full-Time RV Dreams a Reality  

Books by Roadschoolers 

Growing Up Roadschooled: Stories, Lyrics, & Lessons Learned From Full-Time RVing  


Roadschool Moms is a weekly podcast to connect, inspire, and encourage roadschooling moms. 

The Homeschool Sisters: Roadschooling, boatschooling, and beyond with Celeste Orr. 

Blog Posts about General Roadschooling 101 Information Roadschooling – How To Homeschool While RVing Roadschooling 101: Homeschooling on the Road An Introduction to Roadschooling Roadschooling 101: What to Know About Homeschooling on the Road Roadschooling: An Introduction 

Blog Posts about Specific Roadschooling Topics 

Field Trips: Getting the Most From Your Roadschool Field Trips 

Stories from roadschooled kids: 10 Reasons I Loved Growing Up Roadschooled Tips for Roadschooling Effectively 

Storage and organization in an RV: Making Room for Homeschooling in Your RV

Roadschool Guides for Different Sites and States 

Wonder Wherever We Wander Roadschool Guides for different states 

Fulltime Families Roadschool Guides for different educational sites 

Trekaroo: Road School Guides & Educational Tour Itineraries 

Helpful Blogs about Roadschooling 

Adventures in Roadschooling  

Digital Nomad With Kids 

Nomads With a Purpose 

Wanderschool: Travel Lifestyle | Adventure | Solo Parent Travel | Unschooling & Homeschooling

The Wanderpreneurs share about their Roadschooling Curriculum and Schedules 

Roadschool Guides 

NomadsWithaPurpose: Ultimate Guide To Roadschooling: How To Start + What To Teach 

DitchingSuburbia: A Complete Guide to Homeschooling & Roadschooling K-12 

GypsySoulSuburbanLife: The Beginners Guide to Road-schooling 

Facebook Groups 

Roadschool Moms 

Roadschooling - Families Homeschooling on the Road Group 

Roadschooling USA 

Fulltime Families Roadschooling Branch 

Curriculum - optional of course

Road Trip Teacher is an educational resource for families with guides and roadschooling curriculum.

FamilyinWanderland has immersive roadschooling curriculum for separate states, categorized by subject. 

Time4Learning: Roadschooling: Laws & How To 

Sonlight: Roadschooling Coffee Table Books 3 Ideal Roadschooling Curriculum Options 

According to this article, Camping World is developing a roadschooling curriculum. 
(Let's hope they don't actually trademark the term we've all been using for a decade.)  :) 

As unschoolers, life is our favorite curriculum! Here is a 
Perfect Picture of Unschooling / Roadschooling 

Unschooling cartoon

Roadschooling in the news - Newspaper and Magazine Articles 

The Wall Street Journal: ‘Roadschooling’ 101: Families Make Remote Learning Work in an RV  
The Washington Post: Home schooling is a hot topic in the pandemic. Is road schooling next?  
Boston Globe: Dreading the school year? Some parents are taking it on the road
The New Yorker: On the Road with the Three “R”s  
USA Today: 10 great places to teach your kids on the road 
Today: So you think you want the RV life? 5 tips from road school parents
Today's Parent: Roadschooling: Why some families homeschool while travelling the world 
MSN: Roadschooling: Meet the parents turning their RVs into classrooms 
National Parks Magazine: Lessons in Motion 

Roadschooling Apps

Something very interesting is coming soon! 

Roadschooling Veterans 

Roadschooling certainly isn't a new concept. Imagine RVing the country before cell phones, WiFi, or GPS! 

The Goza family has been on the road since 1992! (We finally met them in 2014!) 

The Nodland family roadschooled from 1998 to 2006. 

Our Roadschooling Story 

You can see how roadschooling / unschooling worked for us, learn why we (reluctantly) started homeschooling, and read our entire story in our book, Unlocating


General Roadschooling Resources 

The links above are all about general roadschooling, mainly the what and the why. The how is so varied it would take books to share! More importantly, it would take your book, as how you roadschool depends solely upon your family. Travel preferences, learning styles, educational philosophies, family dynamics, time allotment, etc. will determine your unique roadschool path. 
But for those of you seeking more specific help, here are some favorite links among roadschoolers.  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  (most importantly) local museums, zoos, monuments, historical sites, parks, science centers, etc.

Roadschool resources

Have suggestions or questions? 

If you have other great roadschooling resources, please leave it in a comment or message me. I'd love to include more. Thank you! Also, comment or message if you have questions, and I'll try to point you in the right direction.

Some of the links above are affiliate links, which we share because we love them and hope you will too.