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New school clothes and shoes

so we got the kids a few new things for school, clothes and shoes and such. josh loves his new shoes with springs on them. they make him jump super high! really, want to see? cause he'll show you! :) and i love lizzie's shirt! allen actually picked it out and taught her how to say it with attitude. :) they also got some Bengals jerseys, just for fun!

So much travel! Too much!

so i've been on the road for 9 of the last 10 weeks! it's been nuts! mostly work, but a few trips for fun. the last two weeks we went camping with no cell or internet access. sure was peaceful! we got home just in time for school to start, and soccer, and baseball, so it's been crazy, as usual. i'll try to sum up the trips below (at least the ones i'm allowed to tell you about!) :)

And so it begins, the sport season that is.

So we have the next few months filled with Josh’s baseball games in one place and Matt’s soccer games and Josh/Lizzie’s soccer games in another. Should be fun to keep up with! So, more stinky soccer pics and I didn’t manage to get any of Lizzie. Just wait til I get my new camera! : ) Then I’ll really bore you to tears!! Oh, so Josh’s team won 3-0. Josh scored 2 goals and the third was an accident by the other team! : ) They both did really well and are super aggressive. Wonder where they get that?? Most of the kids stand back and are so nice and considerate, and my two just get in there and kick anything that moves! Go Lundys! : )

First day of school!

i now have two second-graders! ack! it was a hard day for me, and matt (who gets so bored alone), but a wonderful day for josh and lizzie. both love their teachers and seeing their friends again. but they look so big... whaaaa! :) don't you love lizzie's shirt? and she so would too! :)

Even more kayaking

on the 20th, they went down the river early because it was monday and there wasn't much raft traffic. while allen was having fun, we were back at camp packing up, finishing laundry, and all the stuff to do on the day you leave, quite sad actually! but we missed quite a show at the falls! apparently everyone in the group flipped! i didn't even know bob *could* flip! i've never seen him wet i don't think! but over they all went, one by one, with a few swimmers even. allen made his roll though, so that was good! but i wish we would have watched on this day, would have been quite entertaining! and alas, all good vacations must come to and end, so ours did. ending with a very enjoyable, although long, drive home - the kids watching movies and the grownups listening to the harry potter book on cd. :)

More kayaking

the next day we went to fontana lake, again private and so pretty! most of the group went for a little roll practice. the kids went to swim and to use allen's boat as a diving board! they went down the river later, to avoid all the raft traffic and had another enjoyable day. at the falls, allen flipped on the first drop, almost rolled back up, but didn't, went over the second drop upside down, then rolled up on his second try! i took a video (will post eventually) of all the carnage. he was quite happy to have made his combat roll!

Kayaking the Nantahala

allen went down the nantahala river with gwen, bob, steve, matt, and greg. gwen may (or may not) have flipped and lost her paddle on the first rapid so i may (or may not) have taken her back to the put in for her spare. the kids and i followed along the road, stopping at different overlooks to watch the group go by and take pictures and yell HI DADDY! :) the falls (last rapid) was much bigger than i thought it would be. he made it just fine though. this day anyway. :) my pics stink, i can't wait to get my new camera! i did get a few cute ones of the kids though!

Third stop, Nantahala River in NC

we got to north carolina a few days before the oac group who would be kayaking the nantahala river with allen. after quite a hike, we found a very private lake, and although (or because) it was 45 feel low due to the drought, it was a lot of fun! we jumped off of rocks into super deep water and had a blast. then we went to the NOC (nantahala outdoor center) and watched the kayakers play and ate by the river watching the rafters and kayakers go by. it was so hot too! how would Lundys cool off? by dunking the kids' heads in the freezing river of course!!

Second stop, Grayson Highland State Park in VA

Next up, the beautiful mountains in Virginia . Josh and Allen did 3 days, tent camping, backpacks only, the real deal. The rest and I were supposed to meet them and stay another night, but alas, the whining drove us home early! So I just spent a day on the mountain, no night. : ( after carting that heavy and huge backpack for miles uphill!!!!! But maybe I’ll go back one day, I know I’d love it. Josh and Allen had wild ponies in their camp one night, and a bear! Not at the same time. So this “hiking” was a little more strenuous than I’d imagined. It’s the Appalachian trail and all (goes from M aine to Georgia and a friend of ours did the entire thing, in 8 months!) but I’d pictured more of a “trail” than there was. Sydney (the dog) was wiped! She slept for days afterwards, but at least she didn’t whine. The pics don’t do this trip justice. I’m sure my new Nikon D40 will help with that soon though! : ) I took some panoramic video I’ll post eventually, might show the views a little bet