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Our Amazing Alligator Adventure

To experience the Florida Everglades up close and personal, we took an airboat tour. We called the first people we saw in the yellow pages and chose the recommended 6:00 departure time as we’d have an hour of daylight and an hour of dark. The next day we had a beautiful drive down Alligator Alley, water and grass (growing in the water) and the occasional tree as far as you could see. On the way, we realized we forgot our camera, so we planned to buy one at the gift shop. At first we thought the directions were strange, but we figured hey, it’s the Everglades, not your normal state park. So we drove past a certain mile marker, made a U-turn at the only road, and looked for a pavilion with a red roof. Well, we found it, a small parking lot and four poles with a roof. Nothing and no one there. Then we heard something faint. Closer and closer, it was an airboat! It pulled up to the “building” and we saw him. Grizzly Adams, seriously. Long hair, ZZ Top beard, flannel shirt, torn jeans, no