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We met Rob Dibble today!

a menards just opened close to us (yay!) and they're having some big promotions for their grand opening week. tonight rob dibble , former pitcher (one of the nasty boys!) for the cincinnati reds, was there signing autographs. allen dug out his baseball cards and found dibble's and the kids had a hat, banner, and ball ready to sign. by the time the kids & i got there, there was a long line and they had just closed it! of course the kids had been so excited and josh takes his baseball so seriously he started crying, poor guy. i went back and asked the man if he could please just let these kids in because they were so excited and it would mean so much. he had us wait a little then kindly looked the other way as we got in line!! ( of course if you happen to be the manager at menards, this is completely made up so please ignore it! ) so after a little while in line, we all got our autographs and rob was very nice. i got a picture of him with the kids too. then we went

Pictures of the kids...

not that we don't have enough pictures around here, but they all looked so cute this morning i couldn't resist. they were all three dressed up for church (which is rare, the dressing up part). of course they couldn't just sit still and smile for me nicely either. that's not rare. :)

Videos of my way-too-big kids at the pool

they're growing up too fast! josh and lizzy are now swimming without swimmies and matt wears his unsinkable suit (have you seen these? they're awesome!) and they just have a ball at the pool! here are some videos of them showing off their wicked moves on the diving boards. :) just click to play! · · · josh's back flip - 6.0mb · · · josh's front flip - 6.1mb · · · josh's dive - 4.9mb · · · lizzy's twist move - 4.9mb · · · matt's cannonball - 2.9mb · · · matt's not so graceful fall -10.0mb

Caesar Creek Lake Camping

we had a great weekend camping at caesar creek. we went out on doug and shauna's boat with jim and amie and had a blast! it was a gorgeous day and the kids got to go too and do some tubing and swimming. the kids didn't show any fear tubing at all. crazy lundys. the grownups tried tubing, skiing, knee boarding, and wake boarding, and of course doug and shauna put on great shows for us! amie made a great lunch and it was just a perfect day on the lake. back at the camper we grilled dinner and had more fun. they are two awesome couples! the cicadas were out this weekend too and it was SO loud. the trees were completely covered and the kids had a ball catching them. they'd throw things up in the trees then run as they flew out in swarms! here are a few pics from the weekend...

My quick trip to Utah

i had a fun, but very quick, trip to utah for a meeting (with a great company, but if i tell you, then i'd have to kill you, so i won't). :) amanda was filmed for an infomercial to be seen on a tv near you soon! we got to work with sharlene hawkes (miss america 1985) who was just awesome. i could tell you more about the infomercial and what we did with sharlene, but again with the killing thing... as always i had a great time with amanda and we got a lot accomplished. i also got a quick tour of salt lake city and we even saw the filming of high school musical 3! the pics are some great views of salt lake city, amanda on the set of the infomercial, and the set of high school musical 3. the kids are convinced (as i zoomed way in) that the guy standing up is zac efron (aka troy). :)

My favorite time of year around here! Catalpa time!

the catalpa trees are blooming!! i LOVE this time of year here. it just happens for one week a year, and this year was a little late (guessing it's because of our weird ohio weather). but instead of petals falling (like our spring snow crabapple tree), WHOLE flowers fall and blanket our yard in beautiful and fragrant white flowers. fortunately we have them all around the house, so the grass gets covered and everywhere outside smells so good. it looks like a wedding. i love walking through the yard and just enjoying it all! i'm taking a quick trip to utah and i sure hope i don't miss too much! if you're in town, feel free to stop by!

troy strawberry festival

we went to the strawberry festival today and had a ball despite the rain. we mooched in on a long tradition our friends have of watching the parade in front of the courthouse with a full breakfast. it's nice to really feel connected and we have some awesome friends! the kids had strawberries painted on their faces and got to hug the strawberry at the parade (something they've been very excited about for some reason). the parade was quite enjoyable, even though it rained steadily on us (fortunately after we'd eaten breakfast)! then it cleared up and we went to the festival and let the kids spend their hard-earned money on some fun and games. they brought home lots of stuffed animals and toys. good day!

Laptop Crop at Adobe Headquarters - Registration is now OPEN!!

Click here for more info and register now for the DSP Laptop Crop at Adobe Headquarters in San Jose, California! The home of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, there's no better place for digital scrapbooking!! Join in on the discussion in the DSP forum here ! Tell all your digital scrapbooking pals too! Everyone is welcome!

June desktop

it's a new month, which means a new newsletter at DSP , which means a new desktop wallpaper! if you don't get the newsletters, go subscribe ! there's always a free desktop for your pics and other goodies too. :) i just plopped pics of my three in there, acting as they usually do in the summer. don't you love their to do list?! :)

more yard work and my new happy place

we finally finished (i hope!) our yard work, landscaping, rock walkway, and all the other back-breaking, blister-causing, but beautifying work in the yard! the back walkway was getting pretty dangerous, so we were hoping to make it safer and nicer. it does look like it's been there for 70 years like the house, so it fits in well! we also assembled the swing and placed it where the crazy bushes that hid the house used to be. it's my new happy place and you'll probably find me there often, with my laptop of course. if you're ever in the area, stop by and we'll sit and swing and chat! by the way, i carried 87 twenty pound landscaping rocks. now i love math and could tell you how many calories i burned that day, but then if you're good at math, you'd tell me how much i weigh. and we can't have that. but i burned a lot! :)