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Videos of my way-too-big kids at the pool

they're growing up too fast! josh and lizzy are now swimming without swimmies and matt wears his unsinkable suit (have you seen these? they're awesome!) and they just have a ball at the pool! here are some videos of them showing off their wicked moves on the diving boards. :) just click to play!
· · · josh's back flip - 6.0mb · · · josh's front flip - 6.1mb · · · josh's dive - 4.9mb
· · · lizzy's twist move - 4.9mb · · · matt's cannonball - 2.9mb · · · matt's not so graceful fall -10.0mb


Liz McCoy said…

Josh is pretty impressive with those flips!!!
Anonymous said…
Dropping in to say hi from Australia. :)