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8th Nomadiversary!

We usually celebrate our Nomadiversary with cake, but this year Allen and I were in HAWAII, hitting our state #49!! :) We had a great time visiting Josh, who is stationed on the Marine base there, and it was fun having him there for our 8th Nomadiversary ! So instead of cake on the couch, we hiked up a volcano! Diamond Head overlooks Waikiki and Honolulu. (I know what you're thinking and yes, we need to hit Alaska soon!!)     See? We do love our cake. :) Though once we made apple crisp instead. It was harder to get the truck and RV on that. :)     Where have we gone in 8 years? Most everywhere! We still have no idea where 2018 will take us, which is just where we like to go! :) Check out our 7th in SC ,  6th in AZ ,  5th in AR ,   4th in AR ,  3rd in PA ,   2nd in FL ,  &  1st in VA !