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Garden, storm

We got the garden started. We decided to move it inside the pen since it would already be fenced for deer. Big job! But it's not hard to get help when the ATV's involved. :) Then another storm rolled in so we hunkered down again.  There was some crazy lightning. Check out the video! 


This was the first of some crazy storm systems rolling through. I was out taking pictures (because duh) when my phone beeped and said tornado warning, take cover now. Good to know!  All was fine though, it passed us by, just leaving lots of pretty pics. The panoramic pics are really skewed, but pretty cool. 


Springtime is so fun here. Lots of babies, the trees are budding, seeds are started in the greenhouse... but that also means a lot of work. I told Matt and Lizzy they could start work when they came back inside. Their answer was to stay outside all day. Works for us!

Back to Arkansas

After our fill of the Florida sunshine, we headed back to Lundy Mountain in Arkansas. We're looking forward to getting back to our slower pace and wide open space. For a while at least. It was great to let the dog and cat free. We're SUPER glad to be rid of the cat, who is never coming inside the RV again!  She's happy too.  Which she shows by eating my leg. And she got right back to her normal sleep in odd places routine, this time on the things piled on the water container. We got our rabbits back from our neighbor and few of them came with babies! These were still in the ew stage.  But these were cute and fluffy!  And Gypsy's babies are probably the prettiest we have!  It's nice to be getting fresh eggs from neighbors again!  I don't know. He walked around like this all day. It happens.  Florida usually has the market on sunsets, but this one wasn't bad for Arkansas. Over the farm & feed store. :) It's good to be back. I&

Florida sunsets

Besides great winter weather and the Grands, Florida sure has great sunsets too!

WWoHP: Details

The amazing details of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter absolutely make the experience. They missed nothing.  No mistakes.  Seriously, I spent days looking for them!  They went to great lengths to be sure you are IN Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley and Florida is some distant memory.  Check these out. In line for Hogwarts Castle, you walk through the greenhouse. You can hear music, but there are no speakers in sight. Just these cool flowering vines, with music coming out of them.  They also hide electrical cords. Sneaking around Taking photos of the castle, I noticed this walkway, which has to be a back door to the Journey ride, but it just ended. It's just like any castle walkway. You know, because I've seen so many. The owl poo is the best! It's silly, but it's so authentic. Also, it's everywhere the owls are. Because owls have to poo. And magical owls that deliver mail are real. Because Hogsmeade is so cold (obviously, with snow and icicles on the rooftops

WWoHP: Staff Costumes

My friend Tina (a way bigger Potter Geek than me!) asked for photos of staff costumes while we lived in Harry's world.  After weeks there, I really believe the staff was one of the best parts of the WWoHP.  They were really great and always in character.  Besides looking magical, they were friendly and very knowledgeable about Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.  In Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, we were trying to remember the name of a cute little fluffy animal.  A staff member nearby said "Oh these are pygmy puffs, just like Ginny Weasley had, but hers was purple." She went on to tell us what they liked to do and eat and was so serious, but entertaining. My favorite story was when someone beat Matt is a battle of words (which usually just doesn't happen!).  It was a different train conductor from the pic below, but Matt asked him if this train was the real one from the movie. In character, he said "What movie are you referring to? Something about trains?" Mat