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week 22 of homeschooling

mon, jan 25: today we practiced school on the road. we went to indiana to look at new homes (RVs). i drove while allen taught on the way there, then he drove while i taught on the way back. (fyi, found a fifth wheel that we love with 2 bedrooms, 4 bunks, 2 bathrooms, full-size fridge. maybe soon!) · math & spelling tests · bible lesson · from the prairie primer: reading, bible, language, complaining (really, it was in there!), health, living tues, jan 26: · math worksheets · reading · appointment day in dayton, so we skipped the prairie primer today. · watched a scary little house episode about halloween and laura having nightmares. i'm guessing lizzy will have some... wed, jan 27: no nightmares for lizzy, or anyone, cool! um, i don't remember. sorry, the days are running together in the excitement of preparing to move. they're learning, we're teaching, i'm just not remembering to write it down! the kids had awana. thurs, jan 28 - fri, jan 29: hmm, yeah, sti

week 21 of homeschooling

would it be wrong to admit i don't remember what we did last week?? with the pending move, or unmove, it's been an an exciting time of selling stuff, looking for campers, and well, dreaming of warmer weather and the open road. of course allen always knows what he did. he's organized and scheduled. really, he has a spreadsheet . you don't mess with the spreadsheet either (trust me!). i'd call it drill sergeant-ish, but he prefers structured. my part of the day is a bit more flexible. unstructured, free form, surprising, changing, whatever. the kids need to learn to endure different styles of teaching right? i remember we did some prairie primer. i'm sure it was pretty amazing. we're also learning about the trials of farming, by feeding our neighbor's non-egg-laying chickens. the kids love playing with the animals, but are bummed about no eggs all week. now we're thinking about having chicken... ;) so to summarize, i taught amazing stuff, ju

Instead of relocating, we are unlocating. Freedom on wheels!

UPDATES! To see where we've been, check out our RV travel map . 49 states! :) Learn how to become a fulltime RVing family . Take a  tour of our home on wheels. We've celebrated our Nomadiversary in many different states over the last 9 years! HI , SC, AZ , AR , AR , PA , FL , and VA . Watch the videos of our 2011 on the road  and our  first six months . ANNOUNCEMENT 1/19/10: We've decided to fulfill a dream and take to the road in an RV ! I'll answer your questions now... Yes , full-time. Yes , the whole family. Yes , the kids are excited. Yes , permanently. Yes , we're serious. And we can't wait! :) We've had so many concerned calls and emails and it's apparent some people are forgetting we are Lundys. Why are we doing it? Because we can! No , we're not desperate. (We're living the "American dream", it's just boring.) No , we're not rich.  (We'll work online with internet, phone, computers, printers,

Where should our Road Show stop in the USA???

Where in the country should the Lundy DSP road show stop if the road show should hit the road?! Ponder this if you will. Let's say the Lundy family and DSP Headquarters packs up in an RV and hits the road. (That of course would begin with my family, then any of team digital we can pick up along the way!) As we travel, we could stop for crops and photowalks near YOU! The full-time RVers at DSP have made us so jealous we can stand it no longer and we're seriously considering hitting the road. But why settle for just an amazing adventurous life when you could also MEET DSPers all along the trail?!!! So if you think a digital scrapbooking crop and/or photowalk in your area would be fun, let us know here! Maybe your town isn't big enough, or small enough, or ready for the Lundy family to roll in, that's okay! But if you think you have a great location for an official DSP stop, please let us know! We're working on some fun ideas and who knows what might happen? So,

week 20 of homeschooling

we're still under a blanket of snow, but no snow days here, or well, every day's a snow day. the kids LOVE playing in it every recess. i like looking at it, but only from inside a warm house. :) mon, jan 11: · math and spelling tests · math & grammar workbooks · bible lesson · i had a chiropractor appt. so we skipped the prairie primer (and my back is fixed, yay!) tues, jan 12: · reading, math workbooks · music class, more loud practice · appt day so lizzy and i had a girl day while the boys went hunting. we went to friendly's to get her free birthday meal, yum! so yeah, we skipped the primer again. school shmool! ;) wed, jan 13: · spelling stories · reading · bible lesson · math workbooks · from the prairie primer (5 chapters!): reading, bible, science, math, environment, living, health · we talked about mixtures and solutions, so we found examples in the kitchen and drank a yummy one, instant spiced cider. thurs, jan 14: · math & spelling tests · math & gra

we made our own laundry and dishwasher soap

just like the ingalls on their prairie, well not quite, but we made our own powdered laundry soap. which turned out to be quite easy and fun! i'd read about liz and kim 's liquid soap, but wasn't up for all the steps. i'm lazy . so i googled and found this easy recipe. i'm very happy with it, though the grated pink soap is so pretty, i hated to use it! :) i'm glad it works, it's easy, it's SUPER cheap, i know exactly what's in it, but mostly i just like the pretty pink soap. Powdered Laundry Soap 1 Cup grated Zote Soap 1/2 Cup Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda 1/2 Cup Borax For light load, use 1 Tbsp. For large or heavily-soiled loads, use 2 Tbsp. it's more fun if you have cute little helpers. i guess i really overestimated my container needs. i'll have to grate more pink soap! see? pretty! yes, i'm easily impressed and amused. :) Dishwasher Soap 1 T Washing Soda 1 T Borax Use 2 T per load. If dishes are cloudy, add one drop of

week 19 of homeschooling

the holdiays are over and it's back to the grind. the kids weren't very excited, but they did well. the dog got grounded again though. he likes to interrupt lessons to lick children. mon, jan 4: ( happy birthday grandma!!! ) · spelling tests · math workbooks · reading · bible lesson · gym class was jump shots while bouncing on the trampoline (while freezing i should add!) · from the prairie primer (we just started reading the next book, the long winter): reading, history, living, health, language, science, vocabulary, safety, bible, character · we also watched two more episodes of little house and learned about war, addictions, sacrifice, hard times, humility, good stuff! tues, jan 5: · math & grammar workbooks · from the prairie primer: reading, science (3 chapters, but a short lesson!) · in the book they had an equinoctial storm, so we studied the earth's rotation & revolution, seasons, sunrise/set, etc. we used matt's head as the sun. :) and found a cool ani

homeschooling - wait, we're on break but we're eating rabbits?!

(ick warning below!) the little house prairie primer keeps suggesting we eat rabbit as part of our lessons, and i keep purposefully skipping that part. but allen had to take the boys rabbit hunting so josh could use his new bb gun. they've gone before without success, so quite honestly, i was pulling for failure. lizzy was begging for them to look at it from the innocent little bunny's point of view! alas, they were successful hunters so we had rabbit tonight. slow-cooked with sour cream/cream of mushroom over noodles, and also fried. hmm, tasted like chicken. :) the boys loved it! i'm proud to say lizzy and i ate it, and well, we liked it too, though we had to concentrate hard on not concentrating hard on what it was, which is really hard. :) but we're proud of daddy and the boys for bringing home prairie rabbits just like pa, even if we weren't as excited as laura and mary! but i'm so counting this toward our schooling. what a learning experience!

I took a photo a day for all of 2009!

I did it! I took a challenge to take a photo a day for all of 2009 and I did! Now we have a great look back at what we did every day last year. Yep, most are quite boring, but so is our life. :) I plan to put each week into a scrapbook page and have a photo book printed next. We'll see! You can see all 366 here . Yeah, 366... We lived May 26th twice, once in New Zealand, then once in the Cook Islands! :)

lizzy is 10, double digits!

we now have a 10-year-old! and for 1 month and 17 days (precisely) she will be older than josh. :) lizzy had a friend over to celebrate her big day and they had lots of fun, especially with the doll from grandma. (isn't it pretty?!) happy birthday and new year lizzy!