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Instead of relocating, we are unlocating. Freedom on wheels!

To see where we've been, check out our RV travel map. 49 states! :)
Learn how to become a fulltime RVing family. Take a tour of our home on wheels.
We've celebrated our Nomadiversary in many different states over the last 9 years! HI, SC, AZ, AR, AR, PA, FL, and VA. Watch the videos of our 2011 on the road and our first six months.

1/19/10: We've decided to fulfill a dream and take to the road in an RV! I'll answer your questions now...
Yes, full-time.
Yes, the whole family.
Yes, the kids are excited.
Yes, permanently.
Yes, we're serious. And we can't wait! :)

We've had so many concerned calls and emails and it's apparent some people are forgetting we are Lundys. Why are we doing it? Because we can!

, we're not desperate. (We're living the "American dream", it's just boring.)
No, we're not rich.  (We'll work online with internet, phone, computers, printers, and a mobile office.)
No, we're not yanking the kids out of school. (We already homeschool!)
No, we don't need all this stuff. (Allen's new favorite saying: the more stuff you own, the more stuff owns you.)
No, we're not crazy. (Okay, you got me on that one, we are, but it works for us!)

It's the opportunity of a lifetime and we're so grateful to be able to do it! Thanks to technology, we're able to work remotely. Instead of just teaching the kids about this country, they'll get to see it! We have family from Florida to Alaska, so hopefully we can visit them all. 

Where will we go? Who knows?! We'll follow the sun and stay warm mostly likely. We'll go where we want and stay until we're bored. We're giving up a house, but gaining an ever-changing backyard. We'll miss our friends, our church family, and many conveniences, but we'll find adventures and make memories while keeping in touch! You can follow along right here if you're interested. I'm sure we'll do the same kinds of things, the backgrounds will just change.

More common questions:
What does our new home look like? It's a Sierra treehouse fifth wheel!
When will we leave? As soon as the house sells, or we can stand it no longer. (We couldn't wait, and left May 5, 2010)
What are we selling? Everything! Greenfield house (sold), Troy house (sold), truck (sold), camper (sold), possessions (sold).
Can you come too? Sorry, we're limiting it to the Lundy 5, but we'd love to visit you! :)

So hopefully soon, we'll be on the road! We'll certainly miss Troy Ohio, but it will be so fun to unlocate and just go........

Interested in fulltime RVing? Here's a great place to start!


Webfrau said…
Good for you! What a fantastic adventure!
Jill Ann said…
good luck! there is a show in nick-i think it is nick at night about a dentist the goes on the road. i thought of you when i saw it!
Robyn said…
I'll say it again, you guys rock! You will have such an awesome time..
Shelley said…
We are doing the same thing right now!! Just selling-hope to be sold by July with rig picked out by then. Need to find something with bunks. Have 3 children. I too want to adopt but now will be harder with no 'stick house'. Going to start the process anyway:-). We also home/unschool. Nice to meet you!
Sarah Parent said…
It's contagious! Happy to have found your blog. Our house is on the market and we're searching for our road-home right now. Oh, what an exciting adventure! Maybe we'll see you. :)
paige said…
SWEETOLA!!!!!! HAVE FUN!!!! Your kids will have the greatest stories to tell their children!!!!!
(You don't know me, but a friend of mine told me about your blog.)
Sisterlisa said…
So happy for you. We hope to do the same someday as our online business grows too. Glad to 'meet' ya!!
Tony Mains said…
As an old friend from Allens' army reserve days I sure do envy all of you. Know you are haveing a great time!