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Four years of RVing have brought wonderful adventures for the Lundys and now we're going to add even  more by RVsteading !  Yep, homesteading, in an RV. :) ( See updates here !) What is RVsteading? Wikipedia says homesteading is " a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is characterized by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of foodstuffs... " In our self-contained RV, we are pretty self-sufficient as far as providing our own power and water and we have everything we need to cook, clean, work, sleep, entertain, etc.  And then we found Lundy Mountain and have been living off the land as much as hunting and fishing allow.  (We've only spent $14 in 7 months on meat and that's just because I missed chicken!)  But lately we've really been thinking about gardening, fruit trees, fresh milk & eggs, and really providing all of our needs.  And visiting our neighbors' homestead with lots of animals may have sent us over the edge! We love this piece of the

Back on Lundy Mountain

We're back on Lundy Mountain in Arkansas and we're enjoying some isolation after four months of tightly packed RV parks in (beautifully sunny) Florida. We will miss the grands and our many friends, but are loving our freedom to roam about again.  The boys got out their Christmas gifts about five minutes after we set up.  The mountain was just as we left it, minus many leaves, and it's great to be back. Jack's enjoying being off leash again and so are the rest of us!

Fish are boring (but tasty when deep fried)

What have we been up to?  The same ol' same ol' stuff. The kids are hanging out with their friends (aka our nomadic community), I'm holding down the fort (aka working, reading, and more reading), and Allen is fishing, planning more fishing, or dreaming about fishing.  I just get so tired of fish pictures.  Seriously, why can't they be all different colors like ocean fish?  Bass are boring.  But tasty!  And Jack does this pretty much all day every day.  These are just a FEW of the way too many fish photos.  Fortunately all that fishing means free dinners like this... And apparently we need many poles, so more storage for poles.