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Clearing our counters

A blog post about completely clearing off your kitchen counter got me to thinking about ours. (She mentions, and I love, the clutter free post on Becoming Minimalist too.)  Since our home is an RV, we have pretty limited counter space AND cabinet space, so we have to really think hard about what comes in and where it belongs. While I do love my purple toaster and green blender and use my crockpot often, they don't really need to be taking up that physical AND visual space all day every day.  I love the math that refutes the argument of convenience and I much prefer having that extra space all day. PLUS I can now see out the tiny window. :)  Now, if you prefer other ways, just remember you don't have to live here. (Such mean comments on those posts. Who cares if someone's counters are wrong??)  I just wanted to show it's possible in an RV. The blender and toaster sit on a shelf that held junk, because I threw away the junk! The crockpot sits in a cubby under the fri

On the road again

We headed south to another campground and let the cat ride in the truck again, which may be her last time.  At least she finally settled down for a nap, though in a strange place. She was tired after playing with the bunnies. And that night, she didn't move for dinner again.

Sunset and sleepy cat

Florida has great sunsets for sure. Tonight's was spectacular over the campground. The cat's strange sleepy ways haven't change since she left the RVstead. Josh rolled her over and she didn't move for the whole dinner. We found her in a gift bag later. Partners in their misery. Neither one is really used to being a prisoner yet.

Merry Christmas!

The kids were very excited to receive acceptance letters to Hogwarts Christmas morning!  (Aka tickets to Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! The adults can't wait either!) Then we headed over to the Grands, where they were spoiled more by their grandparents and Uncle Ryan! Our current view.  We're pretending the Spanish moss is snow on the trees and that the pond on the golf course is frozen for ice skating. :)

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas from ours to yours! The kids opened their gifts from each other. Josh will forever be the best gift recipient ever. His reactions are always great! Lizzy rocking her fuzzy jammies.

Deck the RV

We decked the halls of the RV, which takes about 5 minutes. :)

St. Nicholas Day

The shoes were set by the door with care In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there For our Ukrainian tradition in which Josh can still boast Of course his shoe is the biggest, because he wants the most

Heading south

It was finally time to head south! We'd been hoping and assuming we could get the RV out, since we built the barn a bit close. When we return, it'll be back a little ways, but when building it, we needed it to be pretty close because of the lay of the land, pipes, etc.  But Allen had no trouble at all! After nine months, it was so good to see our rolling home in the mirrors again!  Jack grouched at the cat for a while, but finally gave up and they got cozy.  The birds said we were going the right way. We don't often see ourselves. We brought a few extra guests. It was a long three days, but a beautiful drive.

Freezer camp, squirrel, brothers

We sent more of the chickens to freezer camp. We have a pretty efficient system where everyone has a job. I'm glad that mine is inside packing!  Even Jack helps out in his way, which is probably best not to ask about. Josh and Matt were out playing and had a bit of an accident, that I probably won't elaborate on. It did involve bows and arrows though and will be used often in the future as an example of a bad idea.  But he recovered quickly and later the same day, Matt brought home a squirrel.