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RV cat palace

RVing cat owners, check this out!  An outdoor cat playland for your RV.  This was so brilliant I had to stop and ask this couple if I could take pictures.  It's genius!  He took a wire storage cube bookshelf , zip-tied the pieces together, then hung it outside the window.  Instant cat door to a tri-level cat palace.  Their cats were lounging like they owned the place.  And they're cats, so we all know they do.  Fresh air, sunshine, lofty view, protection from the dogs, snakes, squirrels, lizards, & birds (who are in turn protected from the cats!)  I hope our dog Jack doesn't see this.  He might not think being tied to a picnic table is so awesome anymore.  Of course he does like the first few yards of chasing those squirrels... maybe not the abrupt ending through... He might learn, if he weren't so busy watching for another squirrel... 

New Smyrna Beach

We finally had a beach day! We met the Grands at New Smyrna Beach and had a wonderful time. They have the perfect beach umbrella setup, so we had it all - sun, shade, and (thanks to Grandma) food enough for an army! There was kayaking, boogie boarding, swimming, sand castle building, walking, running, sunning, hiding from the sunning, and lots of eating. This little big guy welcomed us when we arrived.   There were some surfing races. Lots of flipping. This is a moment of dreams. Pure bliss! Our camp, with Matt's name in the sand, spelled incorrectly at first...  The boys. Allen doing his thing. Where was I? Taking the pics of course, and resting happily in the sun, and even swimming some - though I was finished when the waves turned into giant walls of fish. Ew. More pics...

Our glorious site

It's all about perspective, and mine has changed considerably as we've been on the road.  When we pulled up to this campsite, my eyes lit up!  I mean just look at this peaceful, glorious, beautiful... well... patch of dirt.  I seriously stopped to take a picture before Allen backed in.  Um, he was not super happy to wait.  But I had to take it because, look!  This is all it takes to make me happy.  No mansion, log home, plush hotel room.  No pool, hot tub, nearby park.  Not even a level, landscaped, concrete site.  Just some dirt, surrounded by bushes, and maybe some shade trees. While this site makes me happy, the fact that it does makes me even happier.  Yeah, life is good.

Hoop skirt

I got a new skirt, but not just any skirt, a twirly rainbow skirt ! My friend Brenda gave me this Hip Mountain Mama rainbow spinner skirt and I love it! (So sorry though, I don't think it's available anymore!) So what did I do first? Well yeah, I had to spin!!! But it was too windy! Then I needed a new profile pic, but this was too boring. So I pulled out a hoop and Lizzy took pics. Apparently I make horrible, scary faces when I hoop! So this one had to do. But it was too boring too. So a quick Topaz Adjust filter in Photoshop, and done. Still boring, but I just need to work on not making stupid faces when I hoop. And fyi, totally not a good skirt to hoop in if you plan to hop through it. Just sayin'.

RV thingamajig, aka clothespine!

I want to tell you about this thingamajig, but I don't know what to call it. So I need your help! Please leave a name in the comments if you can think of one. Thanks! :) Allen made this thingamajig for us today. It's a 2x4 that hangs off our RV ladder on the back and it has holes to hang clothes to dry on hangers (or we can just throw towels over the board, etc). Clothesline, clothes board, drying board, hanger board, laundry board, 2x4 laundry drying assisting utility, see? I have no idea. It'll be handy though! It'll store inside the bumper. It'll be painted white. It'll be great for pool towels. It just needs a name! What would you call it?? And yes, we have a back door, in the back bathroom. And yes, it is bright turquoise. :) Update: Current name contenders... clothespine and the Lundry stick. :) Update #2: I think we all like clothespine best! Just descriptive enough and just redneck enough... So clothespine it is! And now, if you find yours

LED hooping at night

Fun LED hooping at night! The next thing we need to work on is night LED photography, followed closely by not making weird faces when we hoop! So pretty. At night no one can tell how awkward you are, they just see the pretty lights. :)

Happy Easter!

We enjoyed a quiet Easter, just hanging out together. We had a very yummy brunch, complete with initial pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Mmmm, bacon. The kids chose baskets from on top of our shelves (yep, just un-Velcro and tada, Easter baskets!) which the Easter Bunny filled (and then hid) much to their delight. Then we visited the Grands to do some laundry spend some quality time. Instead of a traditional egg hunt, we thought we'd try a scavenger hunt and they loved it! They worked as a team and ran all over the house and yard. We had to do it again and make it much harder for these clever kids. Then they designed one for the adults and did a very impressive job with their clues! We had a yummy dinner and headed home after the laundy was finished after a great day. I tried to take our traditional pic of the kids on the stairs, but they're a bit too big! Of course our stairs now are much smaller than those in our old house. We hope you had a happy Easter too and took t

More families

We're still in Florida and have enjoyed hanging out with other RVing families, although most of us are finally pulling out and heading north. This (third) stop in Orlando, we reconnected with the Hensons , Sparks, Shriers, DeMichiels , Sommers, Perkins and were so glad to meet the Andersons and Hartogs. We also met some fulltime families at the pool that we didn't even know online, Tammy & John Harker & their 6 kids and Katie & Erica. We're hoping to run into many of these families again somewhere up north! We had some fun potlucks, lunches, breakfasts, snacks... wow, our lives really do revolve around food eh?! There were also ballgames, swimming, hot tubs, and great conversations. Of course the kids got to play, play, and play some more! They can't wait to see their old & new friends again. It's great to have fun, caring, helpful neighbors, if only for a season. Even better to know we'll see them somewhere down the road. This was a bre