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More families

We're still in Florida and have enjoyed hanging out with other RVing families, although most of us are finally pulling out and heading north. This (third) stop in Orlando, we reconnected with the Hensons, Sparks, Shriers, DeMichiels, Sommers, Perkins and were so glad to meet the Andersons and Hartogs. We also met some fulltime families at the pool that we didn't even know online, Tammy & John Harker & their 6 kids and Katie & Erica. We're hoping to run into many of these families again somewhere up north!
We had some fun potlucks, lunches, breakfasts, snacks... wow, our lives really do revolve around food eh?! There were also ballgames, swimming, hot tubs, and great conversations. Of course the kids got to play, play, and play some more! They can't wait to see their old & new friends again. It's great to have fun, caring, helpful neighbors, if only for a season. Even better to know we'll see them somewhere down the road.
This was a breakfast at the Hensons one morning.