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Kayaking and Falling

Allen then Josh going down Cucumber. Allen took the creek line and Josh took the traditional. I still can't believe he's out there doing this! And I accidentally taped myself slipping on a rock! The groan at first is pretty pathetic! The complaining and laughter following is pretty comical though. At least I saved the camera?! And yes, the bruise is very big. :)

Kayaking the Yough Loop

Allen & Josh ran the loop twice today. As part of Keeping Kids Creative Week , I'm letting Matt and Lizzy take the pics and they're doing great! On the first run, we hiked down to the take out to get pics of their slot move down Frog's Back at Railroad.  On the second run, we hiked down to Cucumber as usual.  As they left, Jack decided to rescue them, again.  We ended up having to rescue him.  Bless his dumb heart for continually trying I guess. And the drive to the river is beautiful!  

More Kayaking the Yough

More pics from the Yough.  They ran the whole river.  This time we found a take out on our side of the river only a few minutes from the campground!  We took our hoops to kill time while we waited.        We're loving the fall colors here in PA!

RV Travel Map

We've updated our map with our recent travels, blog posts, and pics.  It's getting a bit crowded!  We may need to go to Alaska soon, just so we have room for more pins. :)  The green line is 2012.  View Scrap The Map in a larger map

Josh kayaks the Yough

Allen decided Josh was ready to run the whole Yough.  I was a little nervous, but he'd run the loop 4 times and did great, even hitting combat rolls mid-rapid.  So off they went, and he had a flawless run!  Allen even had him run Dimple (I'm not super excited about that, seeing that it's a death-hazard and all, but I trust Allen, as much as a mom can anyway.) They had a great day!  Matt and I hiked to Cucumber, where Matt took the pics and I took video.  (Mom and Dad, I'm not super sure you want to see Josh doing this!!)  Video (look away Grands!) of Josh running Cucumber. Cucumber series.  Pics by Matt. Not bad for a 10-year-old! Then we waited at the take out and took a few more pics of Bruner Run. What a proud boy!

Josh kayaking the Yough Loop

Allen took Josh for his first kayak trip on the Yough!  We rafted it a month ago, but this was Josh in his kayak, all alone - scary!  More for me than for him probably. :)  They ran the loop twice and we hiked down to Cucumber to get some pics of their first run.  He loved it and had a great day, no flips or swims.  He followed Allen's lines and paddled like a pro. Or at least like a very up and coming 12 year old kayaker! Here's the series of pics of them running Cucumber, Josh following Allen.  Paddling buddies.