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Happy New Year!

We celebrated New Year's Eve with quite a few RVing families in the campground! The kids and adults had their own parties and we all got together at midnight at the Sommers' RV.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning in the RV. They received letters from Hogwarts that included some shopping in Diagon Alley. (Aka Universal annual passes.)  Then we headed back to the Grands.  After a fun morning, Matt took a nap with their crazy cat. 

Christmas Eve

We opened our Secret Santa gifts on Christmas Eve after dinner with the Grands.

Recreating photos

We had fun recreating some photos for the Grands for Christmas. The first one is pretty disturbing. My brother and I got a kick out of giving this "lovely gift" to our parents! :) This was circa 1975. :) These were from 2006. 

Christmas at the Gaylord

We took the Grands to the Gaylord Resort to see the Christmas laser show and display. It was beautiful!

Campground friends

Friends are the best part about camping in Florida. Most of the fulltime RVing families migrate south to Florida for the winter, so lots of friend time! Allen once again gave lessons on filleting fish.  Movie nights  Goodbyes are hard, but they're not forever when your friends have homes with wheels too! 

Peace River fishing

Allen fished the Peace River pretty much every day. He filled our freezer with bass! It's such a pretty river as I drop him off and pick him up too.

Weaver Believers

We got to see the Weavers in concert again. It's been fun watching them grow up on the road too. Heidi Kinney got a little time in the spotlight! 

New game

The campground boys came up with a new game. They made a circle of extension cords, then pushed each other out. Strategies and alliances formed. :)  Matt happened to be grounded at that time, so he missed the game. :)