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Bubba the chicken duck

Bubba decided to be a duck today and refused to get out of the wagon full of water.  I was gone, and Lizzy knew I would have pics, so she took these.  Good call!

Crazy cat, yummy dinner

Walker Kitty found a squirrel tail. Best cat toy ever apparently!  She threw it around and attacked for hours.  Dinner wasn't all homemade. Sadly, we're out of lettuce and our tomatoes haven't produced yet.  We did grow the onions at least.   The jalapenos are ours and I made jalapeno poppers for the first time. They turned out pretty good! 

Josh's bow, garden, chicks

Josh has been working hard and saving up for this Matthews Mission Craze compound bow.  We spent a few (four) hours at an archery shop looking and learning (though Lizzy and I were just killing time).  One fun part during the long wait, we went to McDonalds (I know, it was ew). Lizzy and I quietly tried to guess what the boys and Allen would want (since we left them at the archery shop), then finally stepped up and ordered 10 sandwiches. The (cute/young) guy said wow, you two must be really hungry. I said oh no, I had a salad, these are all for her. Lizzy then died of embarrassment. Allen and I have a contest going. He's using well, natural fertilizer (ew). But mine came up first! Of course he thinks his will grow faster. We'll see. Our first cantaloupe was great!  The littlest chicks are getting bigger and you can just about see which ones are going to cause trouble.

It's a Jiffy Puff miracle!

Walker Kitty doesn't look so comfy, but she stayed here until Lizzy couldn't stand it anymore. ) Our neighbor stopped to visit, while the chickens examined the crime scene from yesterday's freezer camp.  Not just Walker Kitty this time, all the animals were napping in the shade on this hot day. We were really sad one evening at chicken count because Jiffy Puff turned up missing.  This has been Matt's favorite chicken and the one that walks around wanting to be petted like a dog. We hoped he would turn up the next day like Bubba did, but no Jiffy Puff.  But two days later, Matt happened to feed the cat in a toolbox and found him in there!  And still alive even.  It's amazing because it's inside the barn and the days were over 100°!  No water, but possibly a little catfood held him over.  He was stiff and slow for a little bit, but after a long drink of water, he was just fine.  Matt was especially happy!  Here's the toolbox, just big enough for

Lundy Mountain

The Google maps satellite finally flew over the mountain.  They didn't give us a heads up or we would have picked up a little!  The truck is out front with lumber in the back and we were still working on the back of the barn. As usual, the laundry is hanging on the line, so this means... you can see our underwear - from space!  Our life is complete.  :)  The land to the right is all wooded, and a steep hill.  At the intersection, the top road goes down to the lake (4-wheelers only).  The other two roads go to two other mountains and the very few neighbors on those.  And all around this is public lands, so lots of hunting and exploring. 


We also have a bunch of hummingbirds on the farm, although we don't think they'd make a good meal. :)  There's a cool yellow one that I can't seem to catch with the camera, yet.

Best Matt story, so far!

Here is a sneak peek of some chapter of my future book of our shenanigans. The best Matt story ever told. Though I doubt it will hold that honor for very long... Allen and Matt went out squirrel hunting today. Allen dropped Matt off in one spot and went to another. He told Matt to be ready when he heard the ATV coming back. Since this is Lundy Mountain, they were obviously not going to run into anyone else. So Matt headed into the woods and pulled out his stool and gun to watch and wait. After a while he noticed a chigger on his arm, then another, then a few more. He looked down and realized his pants were covered! He pulled up his pants legs to find more. He lifted his shirt and they were all over him. Chiggers everywhere! So he ran like crazy back to the road, shedding his clothes as he went. Fortunately, right then he heard the ATV, so he knew help was coming. Imagine his surprise as he stood there, in his undies, as an older couple on ATVs drove by, laughing. Imagine their surp

Food, animals, the usual

Mmmmm... peach butter. After trying some of our neighbor's watermelon jelly, we had to try that!  We made jelly, fruit roll-ups, and popsicles.  "Little" Marcus Luttrell is getting awfully big!   The goats have their back pen cleared about head high. They love the highest leaves best. Lizzy set the laundry basket down, just for a minute, and found Walker Kitty sound asleep.  Chick Norris knows there's a little cat food in this tool box and he's trying to get in.  After being gone overnight, Bubba showed up the next day!  The cat's still eating with her fellow chickens. 

Our mountaintop classroom

For the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop , people are sharing their homeschool classrooms, so I thought we'd join in.  But how do I share it?!  Our RVstead is our classroom.  The whole country was our classroom when we were roadschooling !  So right now as we're RVsteading , it's the farm.  Since we (parents included!) are unschooling, life learning, farming, homesteading, actually RVsteading students, we're all learning the hard way how to live off the land here on the top of Lundy Mountain in Arkansas.  So our learning doesn't really happen in a class room (which is convenient since we live in an RV!), it's more like on a mountain top.  We all helped build the barn and animal pens.     Learning how to raise baby goats has been adorably fun. There are now animals everywhere!    Putting in a garden in rock was quite challenging.    Enjoying the fruits (and veggies) of our labor is pretty nice though.    We're preparing a greenhouse